Cafe Review |Le Petit Breton Drumcondra, Dublin

Savoury crêpes are a real love of mine so this morning, we woke up early and took a spin to Le Petit Breton in Drumcondra. I had wanted to go here for quite a while but it’s the other side of town from us so laziness got in the way. This morning though, we had some free time and as it’s December and extra spending seems unavoidable, I thought we may as well spend on crepes.


The cafe itself is cute, situated on a corner with bright, yellow outdoor seating to greet you. Inside is cosy and sweetly decorated with french crêpes recipe tea-towels sitting in frames around the room. (On a side note, I have heard that framing pretty tea-towels is a pretty popular thing these days!)

The menu in Le Petit Breton has a wide variety of options. You can get traditional ham/cheese/onion creations or go for an Irish breakfast themed crêpes There is also the option of french toast and the ever popular nutella and ice-cream.

This morning I went for La Forestiere (lardons, mushrooms, onions, garlic, crème fraîche, Emmental cheese) which was delicious. I paired it with an americano which wasn’t the best idea maybe. The coffee itself was lovely, warm and strong but I think a cup of tea might have been a lighter choice. Often I panic into ordering coffee out of habit and don’t think the meal through as a whole. My boyfriend got the Irish breakfast crêpe and enjoyed it – definitely a feast for the eyes – but after tasting mine, thought he had made the lesser choice.



To make the most of our spin all the way over to Drumcondra, I also got a sweet one! It’s really hard to resist having one (perhaps that’s why they leave you to use the menu as your place setting…to tempt you!) I went simple with lemon and sugar though so don’t feel as guilty as I would have after the apple/cinnamon/ice-cream option. It was beautiful. Buttery, really thin and the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Sometimes such simple things blow you away!


Our total bill came to about €30.30 but was worth it – I would definitely go again. If you live closer to here than I do, check out their lunchtime set menu as it offers great value. I spotted a Continental French Breakfast option for €9.95 which includes crêpes, croissant, bread, jam & marmalade, coffee/tea and juice. A man sitting next to us ordered this and it looked good. Again, simple but with good quality jams and a fresh juice, you probably couldn’t beat it!


As the Christmas break approaches (this time next week I’ll be living in my Christmas jumper and jimjam bottoms!) I am picking out some recipes to try with my free time. Obviously cake will make an appearance but I’m also going to tackle some savoury recipes I haven’t fitted in throughout the year. I have a few fish dishes I’m keen to have a go at. I always think the quality of fish in the west is better than in Dublin.


Crêpes will also make an appearance as I’m so rubbish at making them and need the practice! Part of the problem could be the lack of a crêpe pan but, being honest, it’s hard to justify another piece of kit coming into my small apartment. My parents have a larger selection of frying pans though so I’m going to attempt to make the following:

  • Caramalized Banana Crepes (page 33 in FEASTS by Sabrina Ghayour)
  • Ricotta Crepes with figs, honey and pistachios (page 268 in SWEET by Yotam Ottolenghi & Helen Goh)

I have chosen two sweep recipes as I’m hoping my family will help me eat all of them and am not sure we all share the love of the savoury ones. It also gives me the option of serving one set as a dessert on Christmas Eve or maybe St Stephens Day. To me, that sounds like heaven! Until then, another week at work to go 🙂 Not a lot when you say it fast.


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