Cafe Review | Through The Green, Windy Arbour


I love to see something a little different in every cafe I visit so was delighted to see this little gem, Through The Green, is so close by. It’s a drive-through cafe in a shipping container in a pub car park, and it’s great!


Permanent cafes with a pop up feel are a joy because they offer a simple solution to a gap in the market. In this case: I’m on my way to work, want a coffee but don’t want to get out of my car. Plus, ever since I watched that shipping container house on Grand Designs, I love seeing innovative ways to use these things. I love that this person has created a business out of one. Yes, s/he probably still pays rent for the car park space or whatever, but this is undoubtedly less expensive than a traditional shop front and probably about ten times busier! There is always a line of cars queuing to get their fix on weekday mornings.

While Through The Green is a drive-through (I love that what it is also features in it’s name!), you can walk around to the side and order a coffee on foot. They have a small bench where you can sit to enjoy it too.


So, what did I like about this cafe then? Well, to be honest I liked everything. The design and innovative feel for sure; but also their staff are really friendly and welcoming. They offer a wide range of drinks and have baked snacks to accompany them – in the photo below you’ll spot an Anzac Biscuit, so good dipped into a flat white. They also do a breakfast pot for those weekday mornings! It seems summer means granola and winter means porridge which actually is probably all they need to offer. I think part of the success with Through The Green is not to over do it and try to become something else. This is high quality, on-the-go coffee, maybe with a snack or maybe not.


The business has been running since about 2015 I think (at least that’s when the first review popped up in The Irish Times) and from following them on Instagram, it seems they are hinting that another one may be coming down the line too.

I really found this an inspiring food business that shows, you can do it! Sometimes you actually have to think IN the box rather than outside it 🙂

I’ll definitely be heading back to Through The Green next time I’m in need of a convenient coffee fix and until then am going to try to recreate their biscuits at home.


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