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Sunday sweet was my first ever blog post on Where Is My Teaspoon. The initial idea for this blog was to share one thing every week to inspire my friends and family to get baking and to give me something to do. Well, I have yet to see many friends tackle a recipe and I seem to have a growing list of things to do but none of them get done.


This weekend I have very high hopes and sincere intentions of rediscovering Sunday Sweets. This week, I am going to choose a recipe from one of my favourite Christmas presents and recreate it at home. I won’t be writing the recipe up for you, but will be explaining how I got on with it and showing you how it turns out.

While having a food blog is a great thing, it is also pressured – I always want to show you the best things. Unfortunately, sometimes more often than not, things don’t turn out correctly! In reality, a lot of my day to day baking is simple. I make loaf cakes 9 times out of 10. I like classic flavours like chocolate, vanilla and coffee. But who wants to read 365 days of me making the same marble loaf cake (hands up, I would definitely read it!). This Sunday I’m going to bake for fun instead, you guys will see an honest picture good or bad 😊

FYI, the cake in this photo is a Cappuccino Cake – made by me for my parents and I to enjoy together.

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  1. Nicola says:

    That cake looks so delicious can’t wait to follow all of your recipes.


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