Restaurant Review | The Fish Shack


I’m really excited to be writing about The Fish Shack here on Where Is My Teaspoon? Fish is kind of a leap away from our usual tea and a bun talk but, I just loved this place so had to write about it.

On the way back from our weekend away in Northern Ireland, we decided it would be nice to stop off somewhere near home for an early dinner before we settled in for the night. We wanted somewhere kinda local but also somewhere we haven’t been to so we picked Malahide.


Have you guys ever been to Malahide before? It’s a really nice coastal, crossroad town in North Dublin with lots of little shops and cafes. I get the impression that it’s on the posher side as they have both an Avoca and a Donnybrook Fair but I don’t actually know anyone who lives there or anything.

If you’ve been following me or the blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a lover of Dun Laoghaire which is a coastal town in South Dublin. We go here a good bit and eat Scampi and Chips on the pier from a fish and chip van (can you even get a nicer dinner than this midweek?)

When we spotted there was a Fish Shack restaurant in Malahide, we had to go. The place itself was really  busy and had a great mix of ages which is something I love to see as I think it shows that the food is of good quality. The couple sitting nearest to us were regulars which is always a good sign too!

I ordered Piri Piri Shrimp with chips and my boyfriend and Shrimp Mac’n’Cheese and of course, two mugs of tea. Mine was lovely, a little spice and beautiful dry, salty chips. They even included garlic bread (I didn’t spot this as part of the meal on the menu) so I could mop up any remaining sauce from my dish. So delicious and at €13, I didn’t think it was too bad based on where we were.


The Mac’n’Cheese didn’t float my boat but I’m not a fair judge on this one as I think all restaurants fail when it comes to this dish. My boyfriend liked it but thought it needed much more shrimp for €18! My meal was definitely better value so I don’t think he would order it again but he would definitely go back and have something else as he took a big bite of mine and wasn’t complaining.

I love to see casual fish restaurants popping up more and more as I think so many people, me included, are a little daunted by cooking with fish. It cooks so quickly so should be on the midweek dinner menu every week but I somehow struggle with pairing it up with other ingredients. I would actually love to take a class on cooking with fish to improve and get it on our dinner table more.

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