Cafe Review| The Guillemot, Bangor Co Down


Hi guys – I’m back with a cafe review of The Guillemot. We stopped here for lunch while on our weekend away in Northern Ireland. If you missed that post, check it out here. I’m really excited to tell you about this place as it just does simple food, but well and you all know that’s what I love.


The Guillemot can be found in the lovely coastal town of Bangor in Northern Ireland where we have just spent our last long weekend of 2017! If you didn’t know, a Guillemot is a type of bird and this gives the cafe a nice theme so watch out for some paintings/drawings inside.

We originally stopped in The Guillemot for lunch having read a good few positive Trip Advisor  reviews. They have a kind of all day brunch menu, with an added focus on sandwiches and toasties. I wasn’t sat near the counter but did spot various (hopefully homemade) cakes and buns as well.

Our waitress brought over a special’s board with soup of the day, chowder and a special sandwich which were all being offered. The soup was Mexican Bean and had my eye straight away so I ordered a big bowl of that, along with a bagel.

I think soup and a sandwich will always be one of my favourite things to eat for lunch. It’s wholesome, filling but also offers a lot of variety in one meal. You tend to know what you’re going to get as well, surely things can’t go too wrong with an order like that!


In this case, things actually went to a standard higher than I could have imagined. It was a brilliant soup and sandwich combo; if not a little too big! Simple food done well is always a winner with me. This was simple food done brilliantly. My bagel has feta cheese, chicken and roasted peppers with mixed lettuce leaves. The soup was chunky with a very light spice, very warming on a grey day down by the sea.

My boyfriend joined me here but ordered a flat white and a sandwich. From memory, I think his had caramelised onions and pastrami. It was one of the best sandwiches he had ever eaten! Plus, he tasted my bagel and loved that too. He said that this place just knew how to make brilliant sandwiches. Very high praise indeed! I’m not sure he has even been quite so complimentary about my sandwiches.

We do kind of differ in our sandwich preferences though. I think that a sandwich needs to have some kind of wet element, whether this is a roasted pepper or some mayo or beetroot – whatever! He thinks that a perfect sandwich should be dry as can be. I don’t know who is right (me), what do you guys think?

If I had to pick something going against The Guillemot, it would be that they served the coffee in a glass. My top hate. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I die or give up blogging…what is wrong with a mug or a cup? He couldn’t even pick up the glass as it was so hot. It drives me bananas.


All in all though, this place was a winner for a casual lunch down by the sea. I read online since that they actually have started doing some evening dinners. An evening meal would be worth a go here!

As always guys, link in with me on Instagram or Facebook with any good cafe recommendations and I’ll give them a go!

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