Weekend Away | Northern Ireland


A weekend away in Northern Ireland is a weekend well spent! We spent our last bank holiday there, after what seemed like years of discussing it. Northern Ireland, while so close, can often seem like a little bit of an effort as we need to change money but it’s really so worth the drive up…and the two tolls I had to pay to get there. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I was a fan of this trip!


I had been to Northern Ireland a couple of times before and knew it has beautiful scenery but had never really spent any time in Belfast so we decided we would make the use of the long weekend and just go.

As we live in Dublin at the minute,  I really didn’t want to stay in Belfast city as we’re always around shops and were in need of a proper change of pace and a real break. I had seen the coastal town of Bangor on Instagram a couple of times and thought it might suit us so had a look to see where it was and how much it would be to stay there etc. In the end, we could afford two nights in a cosy guesthouse in Bangor compared to only  one night in Belfast so the decision was made.


I’m actually really happy we chose to stay out as we got to experience some of the Northern Irish coastline. It is beautiful! I suppose I would describe Bangor as a kind of sleepy sea town. It has ample cafes and restaurants though and paths to walk along the sea so more than enough to entertain you for a couple of days. On our first night there, we just had lunch, wandered around, went for drinks and then had dinner before going back to the guesthouse and it was perfect. I am so sick of running around the place all the time. It was lovely to just ease our way into the weekend.


DSC01619.jpgOn Sunday, we took the train from Bangor to Belfast which only took about half an hour. From there, we got off at the Titanic Quarter (this is a stop!) and went for breakfast in The Titanic Hotel. I think breakfast gave us a good glimpse of what this place has to offer. It’s amazing – tall, domed ceilings, velvet, marble and gold. You can actually host meetings in the old offices’ of the people who build the Titanic. As you’ll be able to see in the photographs, it really was a treat to have breakfast somewhere like this. I can only imagine how amazing a wedding would be underneath that domed ceiling. Picture perfect!






After breakfast we went to The Titanic Museum which was pretty busy but still interesting and enjoyable. You actually see what the different class cabins would have looked like and stuff. There’s one part in which you can see how far a 3rd class passenger was from a 1st class one..a very clear divide back then.The rest of the afternoon was spend strolling around. We saw St George’s Market and the town itself before another round of drinks and a delicious dinner. It was really easy to pop back on the train again for Bangor before it got too late.

Our final day was spent having a leisurely breakfast in Bangor.  We also had another walk along the seafront picking out dream houses. Having a view like this and being so close for commuting into the city would be amazing. It makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t move here?


If you have a few days free I would definitely recommend a trip to Northern Ireland. I would actually love to go back to Belfast and just shop. Lots to see and from what I tasted, a lot of great things to eat too!

Top Highlight:

That seaview – heaven!


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