Cafe Review | Bibi’s weekend brunch


I’ve got another really great Dublin cafe for you guys to try for brunch; Bibi’s. 


I’m really excited to be writing about this place. If you Instagram like me, it involves following random cafes and liking all their posts until I get round to going there. Bibi’s is a perfect example of this.

There are so many cafes in Dublin and to be honest about half of them could probably disappear and we wouldn’t notice (here’s looking at you Starbucks!). It can be harder to find a nice place, with good customer service and a great atmosphere. Also, it can be near impossible to please everyone- Bibi’s is also a good example of this. 2/3 ain’t bad though, right?

Firstly, I should say that in my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend Bibi’s if you’re craving a feed of breakfast meat. Half of you have stopped reading already, haven’t you? Fear not! Bibi’s may not have a lot of pork on the menu, but it still has a good few gems.

There are so many things about here that I LOVED. The cups. The windows. It’s corner location. It being off the beaten track. THE COOKBOOK SHELVES. The food! The variety of brownies. The entrance around the side.

I ordered the Harissa Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs and it was divine. I actually was blown away by how nice it was. The kick of the harissa, the combo of egg yolk and sweet potato and the softness of roasted peppers. So so good. I would go back and order this again tomorrow and the day after.


I know I have raised the topic of over priced brunch on Where Is My Teaspoon before. My brunch at BiBi’s was €12 so in line with most Dublin cafes. Is it expensive? Well yeah, it is. Was it surprising and delicious? Yeah it was!


I suppose the thing that really pumps BiBi’s up for me, is the building and the location. I love the corner building, filled with natural light and a hokey pokey vibe. The two people I went with though hated this. I think if I were to compare Bibi’s with San Lorenzo’s, Bibi’s would definitely come out on top. Right or wrong, it felt more local and independent. The vibes and decor between the two are just chalk and cheese.

Keep in touch:

Have you ever been to Bibi’s? Do you agree with me? Please let me know in the comments or on Instagram – I’d love to hear what you guys think! Please send me on any cafe recommendations you guys have too. I’m always on the look out for somewhere new 🙂


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  1. byrnewithme says:

    It seems lovely and it’s relatively close to me, so I’ll definitely have this on the list next time I’m thinking of somewhere for brunch!


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