Bake Off Ep 2 & Chocolate Mini Rolls


Did you guys watch the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off? All I can say is that after last week’s high hopes, I am now disappointed. Was that a baking competition or an episode of Art Attack?!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I follow those beautiful Instagram accounts with out of this world cakes and bakes too, I do! But, tonight’s episode of the Bake Off was just a little bit too much. Who actually wants to get a “spray gunned” biscuit? Not me – I don’t even want to make one!


In case you missed the episode, this week’s challenges were Sandwich Biscuits, Fortune Cookies and a Biscuit Board Game for the Show Stopper. It all sounds very wow I know but honestly, I felt a lot of the bakers fell a long way short of perfection for any of these rounds. For only the second episode, I am saddened to see it focus on style rather than the actual bake. I really didn’t think that any of the board game biscuits looked appealing at all. Furthermore, it didn’t inspire me to try to bake anything like this at home and that has always been my favourite thing about the Bake Off: inspiring others to have a go.

I know it’s a competition to find Britain’s Best Baker but tonight I think we were getting very close to it becoming Britain’s Best Decorator. In the past, there have been spectacular challenges, full of crazy creations but it felt more organic and gentle than this.

I think Paul’s comment to Flo during the Show Stopper Round was interesting too – “it does the job” but if this is what every episode is going to be like, I think I may have to phone in sick! I did enjoy Noel a lot more in this episode though. I’m glad to see some of his charm peak through that script.

Let me know what you guys thought too – am I wrong? Are you going to be spraying biscuits with paint all weekend?

Technical Challenge Attempt #1:

Anyway, as mentioned on the blog and my Instagram last week, I said I was going to try following the Bake Off along this year (that was until I saw the Fortune Cookies!) True to my word, I made my first attempt at Chocolate Mini Rolls last weekend. I followed the recipe on the Bake Off website down to the last letter so will just pop the link in for you.


Prue’s description of “fiddly” rang very true! They looked like a mess :(.  Once I had finished them, I said never again but actually, I think I might give these another go as they were delicious! There is a lot to be said for a proper, full-sized roll though 😉 Also, I think having made them once, there are a lot of things I would try differently – no offence Prue! I know they may not look 100% but I’m glad I gave them a go, messy or not!

I’m having serious doubts about keeping the challenge up though. I mean, Fortune Cookies..really? What do you think?

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  1. Quinn says:

    They might not look perfect but they look DELICIOUS! I’m not sure I want to watch Britain’s Best Decorator… That’s why I watch Ace of Cakes! I like the BAKING part of the bake-off!

    Still, I think you should stick with the challenge. It’s an interesting way to step out of your comfort zone and then I get to read about it! 😀


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