Easy Cheese Twists | Recipe


I am super excited to share this recipe for Easy Cheese Twists ever with you! My boyfriend absolutely loves a Cheese Twist whenever he’s hungry in a supermarket. We planned to go on a picnic yesterday afternoon so I made these as a bit of a surprise for him. He loved them and I loved how easy they were to make.

This is a straight up, cheat recipe! Forget about making the pastry, no point. I won’t pretend that these are gourmet Cheese Twists or anything fancy but they are good. I also added some red pesto to mine to make them slightly different but again, this came from a jar. So easy! The whole recipe took be about 20 minutes. If you’re feeling even lazier, buy pre-grated cheese too 🙂

I’m excited to show you this type of recipe here on the blog as I know not everyone wants to bake crazy creations. A lot of my friends actually hate to bake because it takes up so much time and can be expensive. Recipes like these are great because they are  crowd pleasers and take very little time or skill. To be honest, even I prefer recipes like this sometimes and I love to bake!

I am such a huge believer of learning new things and creating in life and sometimes cheat ingredients facilitate this for us. I really hope you like this recipe and give it a go. I’ve popped some variations below so you can get a little more creative next time. Even with the variations, these will still be very Easy Cheese Twists – promise!



right, you need:

1 packed of puff pastry (try and find an all butter one)

4 tbsp red pesto (or green pesto would work just as nicely)

30g melted butter (I would only use this if you can’t find an all butter pastry)

75g grated cheddar

75g grated Parmesan

salt, pepper

egg (beaten)


Find a flat baking tray and preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Take your ready-made pastry out of the box and leave it flat on your worktop.

Using a pastry brush, spread the melted butter across the entire pastry sheet.

Spoon on the pesto and spread around until the pastry sheet is lightly covered.

Sprinkle over both types of cheese.

Fold one half of the pastry over on top of the other. As if you were closing a book.

Grab your rolling pin and roll over the pastry – closing down any gaps between the two sheets.

Cut vertically down to make long strips of the pastry and then cut each in half horizontally.

Lift each piece and twist gently.

Place each twist on the baking tray and brush with beaten egg.

Crack black pepper and sea salt on top.

Bake in your hot oven for at least 15 minutes, until golden brown and puffed up.

Once they’re ready, allow them to cool slightly on a wire tray before tucking in!



As this recipe is so easy, there are many ways you can adapt it to suit different tastes:

  • Add some cooked ham when sprinkling over the cheese.
  • Sprinkle some finely chopped onion when sprinkling over the cheese.
  • Swap out pesto for toasted pine nuts.
  • Sprinkle dried chilli flakes over along with the salt and black pepper.
  • Add chopped up dried dates to give a sweet/salty flavour (my favourite!)
  • Splash some Worcester Sauce on top of the cheese.
  • Up the quantity of cheese (yes please!)
  • Throw in some crispy onions for crunch.

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  1. These look great! Love easy recipes like this, will definitely give these a go 🙂


    1. wheresmyteaspoon says:

      Let me know how yours turn out 😊


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