5 Relaxing Things | This Weekend


Happy weekend everyone! I’m trying to take this weekend as an opportunity to rest and make some relaxing plans  I’m really bad at sitting still though so probably won’t happen.

Ever the optimist (not) I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite ways to relax with you ahead of the weekend. I have great hopes that this will inspire me too!DSC01148.JPG

1. Get outside:

I love a good walk, it must be the country in me! Whether it is by the sea, or in a national park, I love to get out and get moving at the weekends. I work in an office job, the regular 9 to 5 so am sitting down for most of the week. While I’m a bit of a fair weather walker, I do think it’s great to get fresh air into my lungs whenever I can. I know going to the gym is great, but being outside is good for the soul.

2. Go out for coffee:

Surely this one won’t be a surprise if you’re a regular reader of Where Is My Teaspoon! Going out for a coffee is one of my all time favourite pastimes on the weekend (or any day for that matter). Whether it’s taking a quick trip to Blackrock or into Dublin city, taking the time out to enjoy a milky drink with a friend always makes me feel more relaxed. Having a restful and relaxing weekend doesn’t mean you can’t make time for your family and friends.


3. Day time cinema trip:

I can’t recommend going to the cinema during the day enough! It’s cheaper and you still have the whole evening ahead of you when you get out. We’re lucky to live a short walk from a local cinema so try to go every couple of weeks but I’m thinking of branching out. I have never been to The Light Cinema and see they have a couple of classics coming up – my favourite! Nothing beats lights and shoes off, a comfy seat and my all time favourite cinema snack: giant buttons + tea. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend a relaxing weekend day to me!

4. Make a new recipe (alone)

True relaxation for me is attempting a new recipe at home alone. It’s selfish I know, but sometimes it’s lovely to have the place to yourself! I always like to share the meal when it’s finished but sometimes getting a grasp on a new recipe can be tricky. You know, trying to figure out how much  of each ingredient to add and understanding when and why you add it. It takes concentration.

I love to collect cookbooks but day to day, like many others, I rarely get the time to change up my midweek meals. After getting home, maybe going to the gym and washing my hair there just isn’t enough time to spend trying new things. I have tried my best this year though to make better use of my cookbooks – highly recommend you give this one a go if you haven’t got it already!


Take a relaxing spin:

For me this usually means getting out of Dublin but a change is as good as a rest! Sitting at home all weekend can sometimes feel like a waste. You don’t want to go back to work feeling fed up rather than rested. A spin out is a great way to break up the weekend and to feel like you’ve actually achieved something. Plus, it doesn’t even have to be too far away. Google Maps will show you lots of nearby towns or villages you could take a spin out to. Even if you don’t get out of the car at all, you’ll have seen somewhere new. If you guys are looking for a nice day trip from Dublin and have a little time on your hands, try Birr, Co Offally. I always find a spin here relaxing.  A walk around the castle gardens will leave you smiling all the way home.

Hopefully this list will have given you some inspiration for the weekend ahead. Whatever you need up doing, enjoy it! I know I’m going to cross one or two of these off my own list 😉


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  1. Love your Blog! Like you, I enjoy coffee shops too. Thanks for all the great coffee shop ideas you left on my Blog. I like the layout of your Blog. Good to hear the British Baking Show is back.


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