The Cake Room | Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Welcome to my new favourite spot: The Cake Room.


I don’t know if you guys know, but Trip Adviser is my favourite App. I can’t help but look up restaurant reviews if I’m going anywhere new, even if it’s just one town over. Imagine my happy, big head when I saw The Cake Room on it. You might have spotted I went there over on my Instagram but I knew this place had to get a review of it’s own on the blog.


There are so many reasons why I love it here. Firstly, it’s in Blackrock which you guys know I LOVE. Secondly, it really brings me back to a tea-room vibe. Do you remember reading about my love for Ely and this beautiful place? (Sidenote, the thought that I may never be in Peacock’s again makes my heart sad, what a gem of a place! Big thanks to James who introduced me to it) It has that kind of similar feel but not as established (yet, I hope!).

Don’t go in expecting frothy coffees and elaborate dishes, that’s not what this place is about. This is a tea-room and it is lovely. I am so happy to have found one so close to where I live. 🙂

So far I have been twice for breakfast – and both times were so lovely! The staff are kind and smiley. The menu is simple and the tea cups are darling. What could you not like?


The first time I went here was actually with my mum who was trying to cheer me up after a bit of a disappointment. I ordered banana, date and peanut butter on toast and it was delicious! The only slight issue I could find with it is that they used sweetened peanut butter and I prefer non-sweetneded  but it was just a little more indulgent their way, not bad!

The second time, I grabbed the ole ball and chain out for breakfast and ordered granola and toast. Technically this was two breakfasts but I had seen a man order this when I was there with my mum and loved the set up so much, I thought I would just have it too. Oh and it was lovely. From the fresh raspberries to the chunky Paddington Bear like marmalade.


I loved everything about here and all I can say is that I will 100% be going back to The Cake Shelf and encourage you to do the same! I’m actually sad I didn’t go there this morning so might take a spin out tomorrow.

If you have any great cafe recommendations guys, let me know so I can check them out too 🙂

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