Cafe Review: The Mellow Fig | Blackrock


Hi guys! Happy Hump Day 🙂 As promised, I’m trying to share as many cafe posts as I can over the next month. I have big hopes that you’ll get out and explore some of these before the summer is out.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have already guessed that I’m obsessed with Blackrock, my new weekend haunt. It’s gas though as my Dublin friends are work call it a village – hardly! It’s bigger than my home town haha!

I like it for a couple of reasons, mostly because it’s beside the sea, always seems to have bunting up and has lots of cute cafes. Another big bonus is that I never have to queue for anything there as it’s nice and sleepy. It’s got everything I need, even a small, hardware shop for light bulbs and door hooks which we always seem to need. It also has a really lovely Dubray book store with an amazing selection of cookbooks. I’ve got my eye on this one at the minute so basically go into the shop to stare at it every Saturday.


We were having a Blackrock morning a couple of Saturday’s ago and stopped by The Mellow Fig for lunch. One of my work friends actually recommended it to me, saying they do a really great breakfast and that the place is cute with oiled tablecloths and tea-cosies. I’m really happy to say this was all true!


I ordered the Roast Chicken/Pesto Sandwich on Tomato Bread and it was top quality. Everything on my plate was fresh, well presented and tasty. I have to admit, I was actually really surprised at the quality of the food. The cafe was busy enough to be fair, but reading the menu it really didn’t seem like it would deliver half of what it did in terms of flavour. I would go as far as saying it was the best sandwich I have had in Dublin all year! Even my side salad had toasted seeds on it – love!

Our waitress told us that on the weekends they offer their brunch menu all day so if you’re looking for a large fry up at 3pm on a Saturday, this might be your favourite new place. The diners were pre-dominantly female as it is pretty cute with the table clothes and teapots. However, my boyfriend was really pleased leaving the cafe too. It’s nice to find a cafe that can deliver a theme or look, as well as a nice plate of food.



The only slight thing for me was the black and white tea cosy was kind of scary! I much preferred the little rose one but I think that says more about me than The Mellow Fig :)! My sandwich was really filling so unfortunately I didn’t have room for a sweet cake (this time). A lot of people around me seemed to be tucking into apple pie though. I might try that the next time I get a chance to visit.

Have you guys been to this one yet or any other nice spots in Blackrock? Let me know in the comments or follow me on Instagram – I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve got more cafe posts to come over the next week or so but will try to break them up with some bakes.


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  1. This looks really wonderful. How do you get there from Dublin (train/bus)? How long a drive? Great photos.


    1. wheresmyteaspoon says:

      It’s super easy + you can get the Dart 😊 there’s cute cafes and you’re by the see! Afterwards you can get back on the dart again and head out to Dinner Laoghaire too!


      1. Excellent! Thank you.


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