Dolce Sicily | Dawson St, Dublin

Saturday evening already! Doesn’t it go so fast? I’ve actually had a really nice day today and managed to squeeze a lot in which makes me happy. I’d love to be one of these people who can stay home relaxing all day but I just go ape with cabin fever, leading everyone to suddenly hate me and wish I had just gone out to begin with. Today though, I went to the gym, to town and managed to bake 2 different recipes – and it’s only 18.20 as I write this! Don’t forget guys, you can always follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what I’m up to baking wise – send me a comment so I know it’s you! I’ve just shared a photo of some really nice china I spotted out in Blackrock today – if only we had a bigger apartment to hold all this stuff!

To celebrate the weekend, and to maybe give you a little cafe inspiration for tomorrow, I’m sharing another cafe visit on Where Is My Teaspoon with you! Dolce Sicily is a really sweet cafe on Dawson Street. I’m really thankful my friend Grace introduced me to this one as so often I struggle to think of places to go when over near Grafton Street but now I always have the perfect place to nip around to for a rest. I had actually walked past it a good few times but never really take much notice of business which are downstairs, so even though Dolce Sicily is a bright green I kind of missed it. Silly me as although it looks tiny from the outside, there is actually a lot of tables within as it is extended out the back  and upstairs.


It is a sweet cafe, especially upstairs where the wooden floors, old fashioned dresser and wallpaper sing out begging people like me to take photographs instead of just eating the food! If you guys do go, I definitely recommend trying to get a seat upstairs. There are really big windows letting in lots of light and less it’s less noisy as people aren’t going in and out quite so much.


On my last visit here I had a proper lunch – soup and a sandwich. There is nothing wild about their lunch menu, but the selection of paninis and salads they offer are rich in flavour and give enough choice for any diner. They serve one soup a day which the server tells you about when you sit down.  On my visit, the soup of the day was Potato & Rosemary which I had never had before. The waitress was really helpful and went to the kitchen to get me a taste before I committed to getting it – great customer service!


Both my panini and soup were really lovely. The tomatoes in my panini in particular were gorgeous – so fresh. I think my soup/sandwich deal came in at around €9 or so which for Dublin city centre is good and as I enjoyed it all I was happy to pay it. Gone are those West of Ireland days where soup and a sandwich were a kind €6!


I am glad I don’t work in the city centre as I would have absolutely no money, but if I did, I am sure Dolce Sicily would be a main contender for a hump day lunch. I have also popped in for tea and a cake for a little 3pm pick me up and have been impressed! They have a really decent cake menu, lots to choose from. I had pineapple and coconut custard  cake –  very zingy and fresh.

Let me know if you guys go and enjoy this one!

Happy weekend 🙂


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  1. missannik says:

    I love that place! I happened to stumble upon it one morning, desperate for coffee. I’m so cautious with coffee in Dublin because I’ve had so many disastrous burnt coffees. I had a good feeling that they’d have decent coffee and I wasn’t disappointed, it was the perfect cup. Their cakes are fantastic too. Whenever I feel like a sweet treat and great coffee, I head straight here. 🙂


    1. Oh I know, nothing worse than a rotten cup of coffee! I’m glad I was taken to this one 🙂

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  2. I’ve walked past this place so many times getting off the bus, great to read all about it and maybe now I’ll venture in! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ah definitely do Vicky, venture past the front door and like I say, try to get upstairs!


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