Salt | Victoria Road, Cork.

Finishing a week of annual leave is one of the worst things about being an adult. Definitely. With the thought of going back to work tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to share an experience of a new cafe on Where Is My Teaspoon to look back  on happier times with a fuller belly!

Although my week off didn’t go quite to plan, I did get to visit a lot of different cafes and restaurants – I’m going to share my experience of as many as possible for the next few weeks. It’s actually so great to see the range of food on offer now in Ireland. Even in the smallest of cafes, the offerings are new and inventive! However, on many occasions throughout the week, I felt disappointed by the customer service around our lovely country. Sometimes I just want to shake the staff as it is the only thing letting a place down. I have always thought that Irish food is something so special and can blow peoples’ socks off but if the service is bad then that’s all tourists will take away from a place. Come on Ireland, wake up!

The first one I’m going to share with you is in Cork. Although I haven’t lived in Cork since 2013/2014, I still miss it and look to go back for a visit as much as possible. We genuinely had such a lovely visit there last weekend as the weather was so warm and bright making everyone happy. My brother still lives there so he brought us out to Salt for brunch on Sunday morning.


I feel a bit like a negative Netty writing this but the service is Salt was shocking. Just bad. Like I mentioned, it was a really hot day so a lot of people had chosen to sit outside. We walked inside and asked the lady at the counter for a table for four, of which there were many available. She asked us to stay where we were and ignored us for another 5 minutes until I asked another waiter if we could sit down, who then looked at me as if I were mad for not having just sat down myself. Poor start as it made us feel like awkward lemons and them seem really uninterested in our business.

Once we got seated, the waiter immediately asked us if we could take our coffees orders. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine but I can’t understand why places think I would want to drink my coffee before I have my food or want it to sit in front of me going cold before I get my order. Also in this case, he had just handed us the menu so we wouldn’t have even known what we wanted to order, you know? Again, this might just be a personal bug bear of mine. Other people might be more chill than me!

Once we had ordered, it did get better. My Eggs Benedict @ €8.50 was nice (perhaps too much onion marmalade though) and the menu had a really great range of options – think herb pancakes, breakfast tacos etc. Everyone at our table finished their meals and enjoyed them.  My drink order was a let down again though as we ordered tea for two. It arrived in a nice enamel, red teapot but only had two teabags! The tea was so weak and watery, again Come On Ireland!! Aren’t we in the top 3 countries for tea drinking in the world?! Doesn’t everyone know the basic rule is at least one tea bag each and one for the pot too?


All in all I think I would need another visit to Salt to weigh up whether I like it or not. I think it’s a place I want to like but it did fall short on this experience. The service really did let it down, especially the first waitress we encountered at the coffee bar and honestly, if you don’t want to fork out for the extra tea bag, then just serve tea in cups and leave the pot on the shelf.

Otherwise our visit to Cork was short and sweet! We went to a lovely pub called Sin É on Saturday night to hear a trad session, play cards and drink Mi Daza – such a great night! Definitely recommend a night of all three next time you’re in Cork!



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