The Creel | Westport, Co Mayo

We haven’t had a cafe post on Where Is My Teaspoon in a little while so I thought I’d kick off this week with my visit to The Creel in Westport over the weekend.


It’s big and pink with wallpaper and a cake counter. Think oil table cloths, sugar cubes and clipboards as menus. It’s actually really cute and because it is so big, there are a variety of table sizes and little corners you  can sit in – away from the noise of the coffee machine which I hate!

The menu was pretty standard for breakfast to be fair. All the usual suspects were there; Full Irish, Vegetarian Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Scones etc. Nothing too out there to be fair, but sometimes you do just want good, classic food without any bigger influences.


I ordered a coffee and the Pork Rosti with 2 fried eggs which was nice. My coffee came a lot earlier than my food which left it cold but apart from that, it was nice. My mum had Tinned Peaches on Crepes with honey which she really enjoyed too. I did think the Crepes were a tiny bit expensive for what arrived though, but as the plate was clean when we left, at least they were enjoyed! I actually really liked seeing tinned peaches as it’s given me another use for them at home but at the same time, for the setting and the price, I was kind of expecting a really fresh, fruity breakfast to come out of the kitchen. I felt using tinned peaches made it more of a quick dessert than a breakfast but that’s just me!


I would definitely give The Creel another go, but maybe not for breakfast. A lot of people seemed to be enjoying their scones, slathered in raspberry jam! The cake counter also looked really tempting so it might be a good spot for a little afternoon treat. I love the location of this cafe though and the space they have to go with it.


I often feel Westport doesn’t quite delivery on cafes – maybe I’m missing some of the best?! If you guys know of any especially good ones, let me know so I can check them out next time I’m in Mayo.

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