News, news. Let me think of some news. Well we didn’t find my bicycle for starters. Or rather, we did find it but didn’t get it back. I went down to that Garda station all Nancy Drew’d up with CCTV, dates, times and where I believed Elyse (my bike) was and all they could tell me was that they would look into it. It has now been over two weeks and no sign of anything changing. I hope whoever took it breaks their two front teeth. Not really, well kind of actually yeah.


I joined my local library and feel about 10 again. Our apartment only has cookbooks and due to a lack of space, I can’t waste my precious shelves on fiction. Sorry, not sorry. But, I do need to get away from the TV a little more and practice reading, so I thought the library would be perfect. Can you believe my library card actually allows me to use any library in Ireland except for Cork city (no idea why that’s not included) AND allows me to borrow up to 13 things at a time? I have nearly finished my first book already – it’s called The Real Liddy James by Ann Marie Casey. I would definitely recommend it as a bedtime book if you’re looking for one. Any ideas what my next one should be?

Also in an effort to get out and have something new to talk about, I have now started taking weekly trips to the cinema to break up the week. So far we have seen Alien Covenant (like you would expect it to be) and King Arthur (very different to what I was expecting – recommend a watch!) and this week, the classic  of Bay Watch.

More news, by wordpress is soon up for renewal and I’m a little uncertain as to whether I should keep up with Where Is My Teaspoon?! What do you guys think? I’m not even sure what I wanted it to be never mind where I want it to go but when I follow other blogs, I just feel mine is miles behind. I’ll have to put a pin in this one while I think it over.

No idea who this lady is but she likes a pose

Other news, I am going on my Summer holidays around Ireland in 7 weeks time – very excited! We have our route more or less mapped out and now just need to book into the odd B&B. We hope to have a bit of a camping holiday but if you know me, it might be wise to have a back up plan ready in case I lose my cool. Let us take the next 7 weeks as an opportunity to pray for some good weather. No one wants to see me running around Co. Kerry looking like a drowned rat.


Ah baking news! I baked two things over the weekend and both didn’t work. Disaster but surprise, I managed to keep my cool (definitely improving with age) and even ate some of both. Do you remember in February I told you I had gotten a day at Riot Rye as my birthday gift? Well, that day is actually June 10th so coming up very, very soon. They emailed me there earlier and told me to bring along my “best sourdough loaf” so they can see it..As I struggle to even identify my worst at the minute, I am quite nervous of the feedback. Still I’m super excited to see Cloughjordan Eco Village and finally step foot in this bakery. The class runs from 10am – 6pm so I’m bound to pick up some bits and pieces.


I think that might be all the news I have for this scatty update post. Next weekend is a bank holiday which I am looking forward to. I’m going to go along to Bloom in Phoenix Park with my parents to see what it’s all about. From what I have heard/read, it is meant to be a lovely day out so looking forward to that. Food, fun and gardens – what more could you possibly want? I promise myself I will take some photographs there but until then, all I have are these ones from Borough Market this time last year. I took myself on an adventure day to London one Saturday before I moved back to Ireland. Honestly, it was such a lovely day and definitely something I’ll need to do here soon too! A day spent doing things you like for yourself can only be a good day. I’m not sure what I’ll do for my Irish day out – if you have any recommendations please let me know. I like whippy cones, food markets and burgers.


That is officially all of my news. Promise the next one will be baking related.

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