Connemara, Co. Galway

Oh Where Is My Teaspoon – how I’ve missed you! I don’t know about you guys but I am having such a bad week. I’ve just come back off my holidays to Connemara and am playing catch up at work which doesn’t feel like it’s going well, and on top of that my Cambridge bicycle was stolen last night from our apartment block. All I can think about now is 5pm on Friday so I can have a little time to regroup and hopefully stop feeling so overwhelmed and panicked.

I really don’t want to go to bed feeling so negatively though so thought it would be a good time to share some photos from my trip to Connemara last week and my love for thatched cottages by the water and my favourite new jumper 🙂


We started our trip in Louisburgh which is actually in County Mayo (where I’m from!) and made our way through all the little towns between there and Galway city.  The landscape is so different from the rest of Ireland. It’s full of lakes, stones, bog and mountains – very little green surprisingly! If you live in Ireland too, you’ll know that last week was the hottest so far in 2017 so we got the best weather we could have hoped for.


Most of the little towns along this route have great places to stop in for tea and buns or some lunch, and nearly all have a gift shop of some sort. I have to say though, having been a fan of Foxford Woolen Mill for my whole life, I was proud to see so many of their blankets being snapped up by other tourists along the way. As I’ve always said, no better blankets can be found!

The two biggest tourist attractions we hit were Kylemore Abbey and Connemara National Park – I would recommend both as we passed a couple of hours happily in each and it is nice to see something other than little shops and restaurants all the time too. Kylemore Abbey has a beautiful walled garden with SO MUCH RHUBARB growing in it, you could make pies for the whole of Ireland. Something I know the rest of us bakers will appreciate.


I suppose the biggest town we stopped in while in Connemara was Clifden. Clifden is just really lovely; think expensive clothes shops selling thick cotton and wool, art galleries, bakeries, pubs, crepe vans and bookshops. Who wouldn’t want to stay there?

Past Clifden though, there is a really beautiful place called Roundstone and I think this was one of my favourite little towns we stopped into. It’s not that it had an awful lot in it, but it just had such a lovely feeling about it, and the spin to there from Clifden has some fantastic views. I find taking spins in the car a really enjoyable thing to do on holidays as it is restful discovery.


Another stand out place for me was Spiddal which is a Gaeltacht town (this means the main language spoken is Irish). We took a spin out there late in the evening just to walk along the coast and spot thatched cottages, and it was just so beautiful and peaceful. I was so relaxed there, it’s hard to believe that I’ve gone straight back into my normal anxious, panicked self so quickly again this week. Isn’t it crazy how quickly our mindsets change and how easily we get stressed again? As I said, roll on Friday at 5pm.


I guess my favourite thing about this trip was spending time with my mum and taking it easy, dreaming about having a thatched cottage somewhere like this one day.  Who knows, it could happen?

I’m going to try and think back to all the positivity this trip brought when I’m overwhelmed at work again tomorrow, and do my best to remember that going to work and sitting at my desk allows me to plan trips like this. I hope you all are having a better week than I am…then again, misery loves company hey?





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  1. Quinn says:

    1. Not surprised you love the jumper, it’s lovely!
    2. LOVE the Kylemore garden – when I went I fell head over heels for the greenhouses I thought they were so beautiful!
    3. I hope whoever stole your bike has a stone in their shoe every day for the next week and a half, drops their phone down the toilet and eats bad oysters. 😡


    1. Ha thanks Quinn! I actually saw my bike for sale online since so hopefully they’ll catch them!!

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