Perfect Picnics

Oh god do I love a picnic! Ah you know I do. What could be better than packing up a wicker basket, filling up a flask of tea and grabbing a stripey blanket and heading out the door? If you need inspiration planning a picnic, check out my top tips here!

While I have a white suitcase-shaped, picnic basket and don’t need another, I can’t help but seek them out in shops just to look at them. You might think that sad but I will never apologise for my picnic passion. If you actually are in the market for a picnic basket at the minute, you are in luck as they are almost everywhere – the dream.


Buying picnic equipment can actually be really expensive so I would encourage you to shop around and only commit to something you are going to get used of – no more money wasting! I have a rule when I buy almost anything that isn’t food, I’ll give you an example. If my picnic basket is €24, I need to be able to imagine myself using that basket at least 24 times before I can buy it. This rule helps me so much – especially when it comes to clothes – to keep my spending down and my savings up. The thing is, there are so many different types of picnic baskets out there (again, the dream) so you need to think about what kind of food you’ll be bringing, where you’ll go for picnics, how many people will be joining you etc.  Some people don’t want to be carrying around a stupid basket all over the woods and would rather one of the cute, modern, picnic bags instead. I mean…some people right?

If you are searching for some picnic supplies at the minute, I would always recommend TK Maxx (definitely for an affordable basket and blanket), Lakeland, John Lewis (when I lived in Cambridge, I would go into John Lewis JUST to look at the picnic stuff and walk out again) and of course, Dunnes Stores. I went to Cornelscourt Dunnes there on Saturday and was kind of amazed at the quality picnic gear they had on offer. Some of their outdoor dining cutlery and plates are really, really cute. I would definitely recommend shopping around though so you can get the best value for your money. If you are a bit of a bargain hunter – and who isn’t?- then it’s a good idea to scout the shops after Christmas for hampers that haven’t sold – often these are marked way down because the food in them is festive themed but the actual basket will be perfect all summer long.

My picnic basket actually came with 2 small plates and 2 little sets of cutlery which strap into the lid of the basket which is really handy as I only ever picnic with one person anyway. I would always recommend you test out the basket, opening and closing it at least a couple of times, before you buy. The clasps can sometimes be stiff or easily broken and you need to look inside to check if anything else is included.


I’m always ready to jump into the kitchen and plan for a picnic so am praying we get some good weather soon. I actually have next week off work as annual leave and am going on a mini holiday with my Mum to Co. Galway. If the weather is promised nice I’ll definitely bring my basket and blanket along – how sweet would we look in Connemara National Park tucking into rice krispie buns and drinking a flask of tea!




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  1. Quinn says:

    I now have an absolute craving for rice krispie buns! When you started talking about picnic baskets in my head I was like, “TK MAXX! TK MAXX!” but you got there, you know about the glorious baskets in TK Maxx. Whew!

    I don’t actually own one yet but I really want to get one of the ones with the blankets attached. They’re so damn cute!


    1. Totally agree Quinn 🙂 Nothing says summer louder than picnics – thanks so much for your comment!


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