Brother Hubbard South, Portobello, Dublin

Another Friday now in sight and it’s the weekend the clocks spring forward. Really looking forward to bright evenings…just hope this weather is going to improve slightly. Yesterday it lashed rain all day and well into the night so kinda crushed my spring vibes. This weekend we are going to Birr, a town I’ve mentioned on Where Is My Teaspoon before. I’m hoping we will have time to stop into the Castle and explore the grounds a little bit, followed by a lunch at Spinners but will be sure to take photos and share them on Instagram as I’m going along. I’m obviously hoping for sunshine weather. Still even with rain, at least we can wrap up and enjoy as rainy weather and cafes go together like bread and butter.

Notice that when I was eating bread like a happy girl I rarely went out for brunch. Now look at me, brunching myself out to any cafe that will have me and resulting to being that girl who says “without the bread please”.

brother hubbard south

Firstly think it needs to be said that I really like Garrett Fitzgerald (owner of Brother Hubbard) and so am biased as I think he’s just so nice. I met up with one of my friends on another rainy Sunday (also remember when I lived in Cambridge and it was dry 98% of the time?) to have a lazy lunch in Brother Hubbard South and it was delicious. You guys can follow me on Instagram to see the different spots I visit and things I eat in between posts – be sure to comment and let me know it’s you so I can follow you back 🙂

Quick tip, don’t roll up here at half 11 thinking you’ll get a table straight away. They have a weird policy where they won’t let you sit at a table until your whole party has arrived so expect to queue for a while. Silly us, we were those people who finish their brunch and continue chatting away oblivious to the massive crowd forming outside. Being asked if they could get us anything else for a forth time was a subtle hint in the right direction. Having said that, once summer arrives (as if) there is a good bit of seating outdoors which I can imagine will be a big hit.

I took a quick snap of my food before I tucked in and as you can see, my plate was colourful and interesting just the way brunch should be. I had pork belly and beans with spinach, egg and tomato and was pleasantly surprised with the level of spice in the beans. For some reason I assumed they would be more smokey than spice. I think you either love spicy food or hate it but I love it big time – the more the better – so am thrilled when it pops up unexpected. I know I’ve said this before but I LOVE getting a colourful plate of food, something I wouldn’t have created at home. I think that makes going out for brunch worth it. We can all put an egg on avocado at home.

Although I had to have it without the sourdough toast, it definitely was a substantial meal so I didn’t feel too hard done by. My coffee was lovely as always too. My friend had Turkish Eggs which also looked really good and seemed to be a popular choice around us.

I am so happy we picked to go here because I always seem to think Brother Hubbard is only on Capel St and the walk to the other side of town seems a little too much on rainy days. I would honestly recommend Brother Hubbard South just as highly but no matter what, the challenge here will always be hitting the queue at the right time.

Let me know if you have been here for Brunch or even dinner in the evenings? I’d love to hear what other places in Ireland you recommend for a good feed.

Happy nearly weekend everyone! Don’t forget to check in on Instagram too!

Sinead X

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