Meet Me In The Morning, Pleasent St, Dublin 8.

Happy Friday everyone! Another week done and dusted and a relaxing weekend ahead (I hope!) I know a lot of you will be planning meet ups with friends and family over the weekend so thought it would be nice to share my thoughts of this lovely cafe in Dublin for some inspiration.

Last weekend was the best of the brunch. Normally, I like to have breakfast at home on a Saturday morning because it lets me have a little lie in and get myself into the weekend mood, but last weekend I had to go into the big town anyway so thought, why not treat myself. If you were in Dublin last Saturday you might remember that it absolutely lashed rain for a good hour non stop and of course, it was during that time I began my walk to this lovely cafe. Face dripping, tummy rumbling, what could go wrong?

meet me in the morning

Myself and my friend went to Meet Me In The Morning around 1pm for their all day brunch menu and I LOVED it. I have followed Meet Me In The Morning for a long time now on Instagram but had never been there so wasn’t sure what to expect but it definitely lived up to its’ Instagram feed – something I wish I could say for all cafes!

MMITM is tiny so if you don’t like the idea of sharing tables with strangers then I’m not sure I’d recommend it for you. If you don’t really care about getting your own table then I would wholeheartedly recommend it. You might think this is silly but I go out with someone who flat out refuses to share tables so it can be a deal breaker.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Lent on the blog but I have given up all breads this year (stupid, I know) so going out for brunch is a bit of a willpower test. Everything is placed on sourdough now. No idea why we bother with plates at all. I was so pleased though to see Curried Potatoes on the menu here though – so great to see something different being offered and such a dreamy combination. When the food came to the table though, I was stuck by how colourful it was. It was exactly what I wanted to see from a plate of food. Brunch can be really expensive for what it is you know so seeing something so different made it worth it. I don’t want to be negative but we can all mash an avocado and poach an egg. When I go out, I want to see an explosion of something new on my plate, begging me to take a bite. I actually splashed out and added a poached egg to my order though (think this cost an extra €1.50) but think the dish would be lost without it.


My friend ordered eggs, chorizo and greens on a flatbread which looked incredible. I think had I not been off bread, this would have been my first pick too. So much colour on the plate and so many different flavours. For drinks, I only had tea as I was soaked through and she had a latte which went down well too. We noticed some lovely fresh sugared doughnuts at the counter as we were paying so think it would be a nice spot for something sweet too. I’m really excited to go back again for brunch but also to try their regular lunch menu as I can’t imagine anything from here being boring!

I do have one warning about this place though – the white stuff on the table is salt not sugar! Don’t add it to your coffee 😉

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  1. Sounds amazing. Yes another brunch to add to the list to try in Dublin!


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