My Saturday Full Irish.

Don’t start about processed meat and how it’s bad for you – we’ve all heard it! Sometimes though, a proper Full Irish is the only thing for a Saturday morning. We woke up early today to go to Marley Park for Park Run but it was so windy and wet we were put off. I won’t lie, I am most definitely a fair weather jogger. Jogging is horrendous at the best of times, never mind when it’s lashing down on top of you!

As we were already up though, we decided it would be fun to go to Cornelscourt Dunnes Stores which is their flagship store and isn’t far from our apartment in Dublin. I just love Dunnes Stores and no matter what anyone says, I think it goes offer good quality produce. We decided to buy a load of breakfast stuff and come home for a feed.


My all time Full Irish essentials are:

2 x 85% Pork Sausages

2 x Irish Smoked Bacon

1 x Irish Black Pudding

1 x Irish White Pudding

1 x Poached egg (with plenty of black pepper)

1 x portion of baked beans – anyone who doesn’t put beans in their breakfast is a monster (fact)

2 x Wholemeal Sourdough Toast Slices with salted butter

3 x Small Tomatoes

1 x cup of coffee (chocolate notes if you please)

To be fair, we were kinda good and grilled/baked most of it in the oven so it could have been worse, but you know sometimes you just need something more indulgent at the weekends. While it may not sound like it, I am still on my new fitness routine so will need to do something in the afternoon to make up for missing park run. I suppose life is all about balance isn’t it?

For now though, I’m heading back into the kitchen to attempt making my own Orange Curd. I have been collecting old jam jars and finally have enough to hold it. We are going visiting tomorrow and if all goes well, a jar might make a nice gift!

Happy Saturday guys!

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