Woodfield Cafe, Birr, Co Offally

So I mentioned last weekend that I have got a new job so am back to working full time. While I’m so excited to have a new role and get stuck in, I am very aware of how work can take over your life and build up pressures and stress. With this in mind, I thought it would be really fun to do a bit of a get-away piece on Where Is My Teaspoon?. In this theme on the blog, I’ll be talking about places around Ireland that offer something different than my every day Dublin life. Whether this is me talking about going home to Mayo or just a day trip or a weekend away, I’ll be sharing some ideas with you of where your next little break could potentially be.


I am a huge supporter of Irish Tourism and not only showing international people what we have to offer but also making sure that everyone who is lucky enough to live in Ireland, actually knows Ireland. From my experience, if you are born outside of the bigger cities here, you’ve probably seen more counties in Ireland than if you were born in Dublin. You know, a lot of people who I know who were born and raised in Ireland have never been to places like Mayo or Kerry or Clare or wherever. While it is always nice to go to the airport and hop on a flight, it does add extra costs, time and pressure to a quick trip so I’m encouraging everyone (no matter what county you’re living in) to think about hopping on the train or bus or even your Tabi and taking a spin somewhere you haven’t been in Ireland instead.

I’m not sure how many of you have been to Birr before? I have only been a handful of times but I think it’s a really sweet town and perfect for a night away or even just a Sunday spin if you want to have a look around somewhere different. Birr is a registered Heritage Town in Ireland so you can explore streets with really amazing Georgian buildings which you just don’t see everywhere you know?


Birr also has a castle pretty much in the centre of the town which  has lovely gardens and a Telescope which  was once the largest in the world! I haven’t actually been to the castle yet but am planning to go once we get more into Spring where we can get real benefit of the grounds.

The town has some sweet independent shops and a few great cafes and restaurants so I think it’s a perfect place for a mini break away. If you do go and stay, there are plenty of accommodation options as well but I think I would love to stay in Spinners across from the castle next time I go.

The last time I was in Birr, I was brought to this cafe for a coffee and went back in the afternoon for tea and a mince pie (post Christmas mince pies taste better, fact of life) and just loved the interior there and the general feel of the place. I love the darker colours on the walls paired with a flash of orange here and there and really liked the paper stars they had hanging from the ceiling. This cafe is also a garden centre so you can nice arrangements for outdoor plants while you drink your coffee.


Another reason why this place stayed in my mind was because originally it was just a very small garden centre and then the daughter of the family had this idea (or so I was told?!) to set up a cafe in one of the buildings and now the family are all working hard to make it a success.


Stories like this are so hopeful as they show you just need an idea and good people around you to make things happen.I was there on a Friday lunchtime for my mince pie and it was packed so hopefully a good sign!


Let me know if you have ever been to Birr or if there are any other small Irish towns you  can recommend for a day out or night away?

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