Basic Sourdough Loaf.

Buzzing through February so fast. I can’t believe my favourite month of the year is nearly over already. Thank the pancakes god that we still have one good day to come before it leaves us! I am still practising my Sourdough though and wanted to share another attempt with you all.

This is my second round of loaves from my homemade starter and I think it is an improvement on the first – do you agree? I have been doing some more reading and saw that some people leave the dough to prove on tea towels. I have absolutely no idea why they do this, but I gave it a go and did see better results.


My bread still didn’t get a huge rise but I can’t figure out why. I’m thinking of investing in a proving basket to see if this will help at all. As you can see though, I have got a few more air bubbles in this one, though I still feel they should be bigger.

When making this loaf, I used the same Paul Hollywood recipe as I did before – Basic Sourdough. I am no way near mastering this so am going to stick with this recipe for as long as it takes.

As you might know, my birthday is actually in February and this year my boyfriend got me a brilliant gift – something I have been trying to get for a long time: a Sourdough Class in Riot Rye in Cloughjordan. I have been trying to get into a class here for ages but they always seemed fully booked. As luck would have it, they opened new classes for bookings on the week of my birthday and now I’ve got a space!

The class is for one day in June (surely I’ll have improved a little bit by then?) and they actually ask you to bring your latest sourdough loaf with you so they can see what you’re doing right or wrong. Hopefully I’ll get some great tips and be able to improve as I would really like to get onto a rye sourdough by the end of the year.

Until then though, I’ll keep trying with this one and enjoy smothering it in my favourite Foxford Woolen Mill jam: Strawberry & Rhubarb. YUM!


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