My favourite

February is here and as you might know it is my favourite month of the whole year. Probably because it’s my Birthday (25 this year..!) and because we get Pancake day and Valentines day all in one big hit. It brings us so many presents and so many opportunities to bake!

I have been trying to get out and enjoy the dry weather as much as possible over the last few weeks and had to share this photo – how CUTE are my glasses and new bobble hat? Hopefully we will get another few dry, cold days in February to get out and about too.


As I said above, February is my birthday month so to celebrate, we are having a weekend away in Cork. I actually can’t wait – so many nice people, so much GREAT food! Therefore, Cork will definitely be a mini theme on Where Is My Teaspoon throughout the month. Honestly, there are so many great places to eat and drink there, don’t know how anyone ever does anything else!

A birthday obviously means a birthday cake! Last year’s cake was one of my favourites so I’m going to have to have a good think on what could beat it this year – I’ll definitely share it all with you. I have made a couple of cakes over the last few weeks so will be sharing these just in case you are looking for quick and simple recipes you can rely on.

As Valentines day approaches, you can expect to see a really simple but oh so cute Vanilla Love Loaf Cake which I think would be really nice to have out on the kitchen side over Valentine’s weekend. I made it for my boyfriend’s family recently and they really liked it so hope you will too.

I’m also going to share how to make sweet Valentine Biscuits – just because you see people giving other people shop bought chocolates and cards doesn’t mean you have to. Something home-made is always better. Iced biscuits is a new challenge for me and something you  haven’t seen on Where Is My Teaspoon before.

You can expect to see more progress (I hope) on our Sour Dough journey. Check back here and here to see how it has gone so far. But, you can also expect a special St Bridget’s Day Bake and some killer teatime pancakes too.

Let me know if  you have anything you’d like to see and as always, keep checking in with me on Instagram too.


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