My Sourdough Journey continued..

Sourdough club! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated you but it really has been trail and error with this project. Okay so the last time I touched in, I had to leave my starter for another couple of days. When I went to look at it again, it had risen up and had a lot of little air bubbles.

I discarded half of the starter and added another 250g strong white flour and 250ml tepid water and mixed thoroughly. I let it sit for one more day – I had read that if it rises within one day at this stage, then it is ready to use! Mine did so I attempted to bake my first loaf…

I followed a Paul Hollywood recipe for Basic Sour Dough for my first attempt. I’ve linked the recipe there so you can see what I did.


I have to say, the flavour of the bread was amazing so I was really pleased with the starter but the actual loaf wasn’t perfect.

A sourdough should have big holes once you cut in, and mine didn’t. I wonder had this something to do with over or under proving? Also the dough was very soft when it went into the oven. The recipe above though told me not to knock it back in after its’ final prove but it was so soft – I mean, I couldn’t even cut a design into the top.

I suppose my next step now is to try and keep my starter alive. It seems to be growing and then collapsing back in on itself again. Also, I need to find out why my bread didn’t get those big air holes we see in bakery sourdough loaves. I wonder maybe if I should have baked it in a loaf tin instead?


Do let me know if you have any experience with sourdough or can offer me any advice?

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  1. 53old says:

    My bread looks very similar.

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