Feeding A Sourdough Starter.

Hello Sourdough Club! I hope you’re all as excited about this project as I am – I can’t believe how much my Starter had grown in just 3 days and, frankly, how disgusting it smelt. I read that that’s a good sign though so don’t freak out if yours is the same.

Here you can see how my starter looked. Remember, I tied the string at the point which the Starter originally met so you can  clearly see the growth here. The little bubbles on the top are a good sign too as it means it’s active.



At this point, the Starter is hungry and needs to be fed. It’s actually quite like having a weird, yeast filled pet. Eww. Anyway, you need to feed it to keep it going but it’s really simple.

Tip roughly half of your starter into a clean bowl and discard the other half.

Weigh out another 250g of strong white flour and add it into your bowl.

Follow this with 200ml of tepid water and whisk it all together.


I recommend you clean out the container you’re going to put the starter back into – this means you’ll have a clean line to mark again with the string so you can monitor growth.

Pour the batter back into the container and seal. Tie your string around again, just as you did before, and leave for another 2 days.


I will check in with you again in 2 days time and share our next steps. Follow along on SnapChat to see progress in the meantime @ wheremyteaspoon. As always, you can see more bakes and creations over on my Instagram too – comment me and let me know it’s you so I can follow you back too! I’m tagging all of these posts as Sourdough so you’ll be able to find them quickly on the blog as you need them.

Happy baking,



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