Somebody say timing.

Nearly mid January and I’m starting off with an original Happy New Year ! If you are not absolutely miserable doing “Dry January” or on a horrible cleanse then I’m sure you are buzzing for the year ahead. I usually love to make goals for the year ahead. Instead of making a huge list this year, I’m just going to focus on one main goal – finding joy and happiness in the things I enjoy & the people I choose to spend my time with. With this in mind, I kicked off the year with a serious change but one that will hopefully allow me more time and energy for things I love most and more time to work on Where Is My Teaspoon and develop it further.


Where Is My Teaspoon is finally going to get a monthly plan again – starting with what’s left of January. Over the next two weeks, I will be sharing a recipe for a great Walnut Cake, sharing a great tip to take your home-made cakes up to the next level, talking Sourdough Starters & also a couple of out and about posts.

Sourdough will hopefully be an on-going topic on the blog for all of 2017 as I will do my best to keep my starter alive and keep baking real bread. I will share how to make a starter on Monday so you can try in your own kitchen too.

As I have more free time at the minute as well, I am spending more time choosing recipes from my collection of cookbooks and mindfully making meals for us every evening. It’s nice to be able to put more thought into habitual meals and experiment with new ingredients and flavours. I’ll try to share a few of my creations on Instagram as we go through the month as well so you’ll be able to see what I’m cooking.

I’m also going to use some of my free time to practice cake decorating and trying to gain some new skills…I’ll try and share some of my attempts but I fear some of it might be a little easier than it looks! I have been watching YouTube videos for the past week so fingers crossed I’ll manage somehow when I make a start next week.

So as you can see, lots of hopes and ideas for January! Lets make it a year for doing things we all enjoy and making steps towards where we want to go (can’t keep talking forever)

Until Monday then, happy weekend!

Sinéad x

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