Panetonne Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pudding

Christmas is coming – thank goodness! We have put up our tiny tree and eaten most of my advent calendar already- don’t call us chubs! This weekend we went away to Galway for a little break and took an extra day off work to make the most of it. SO NICE! It’s nice to celebrate with a bit of a break from time to time, especially when things are same ole same old.

Truthfully, I have barely found time to bake lately but with Christmas fast approaching I need to get myself back to it. This recipe is an adaption of one from an old Jamie Oliver magazine where he makes Panetonne Chocolate Orange Pudding. I have just swapped out those flavour combinations for another crowd pleaser: Chocolate & Peanut Butter. Crunchy peanut butter is a must as it adds another texture to an otherwise soggy dish.



right, you need:

1 jar of sweet crunchy peanut butter

1 x 900g plain panettone (no fruit!)

100g 70% dark chocolate chopped

5 large eggs

100g caster sugar

300ml single cream

300ml whole milk

2 tsp vanilla bean paste

2 tbsp demerara brown sugar

25g chopped peanuts

Grab some sort of pie or tart dish and rub some butter all around it to grease it lightly. Tip 1 tsbp of sugar into the dish and shake it around so it lightly covers it.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and find some tin foil – you’ll need this for a hat later.

Cut the panettone up in a mix of slices (about 600g) and rough bite sized pieces (300g).

Spread some peanut butter on each slice and place them in the pie dish, press down hard so there are no gaps.

Heat the milk, cream and butter together until the butter is fully melted. Follow with the vanilla bean paste. Set aside.

Crack the 5 eggs into a bowl and whisk together with the caster sugar.

Whisking constantly, pour the milky mixture into your eggs until smooth. Follow up with any remaining peanut butter you have and whisk again.

Pour half of your custard into the pie dish and allow the panettone to soak it up.

Scatter half of the chopped chocolate over the base layer and follow by building up with the remaining panettone.

Pour in the rest of your custard and allow to soak in again. Squash it all down together and throw in the rest of your chocolate.

Allow the pudding to sit for about 20 minutes if you have time – the longer it soaks in the better.

Scatter the chopped peanuts on top along with the rest of your brown sugar. Don’t worry if it’s really messy, it’ll be okay.

Grab that tin foil and make a hat around the pudding, you don’t want the sugar to burn in the oven.

Bake for about 20 minutes with the hat on. After this, remove the tin foil and lower the temperature to about 150. Place the pudding back in for a further 10 minutes – make sure to watch it though, it still might burn.

Take it out of the oven and leave it to sit for about 10 minutes in the dish.

I think serving this with good quality, vanilla ice-cream is the best but you could have it with some pouring cream or more custard if you like.

I think this would be a really great dessert for Christmas Day guys as it’s so simple to pull together and can be made and left in the fridge until you need it. Definitely won’t be slaving away in the kitchen this Christmas Day..all I want for Christmas is to sit down!




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