October is such a funny month. It’s the one where everyone talks about suddenly having a favourite month and how happy they are to see fallen leaves and get their coats out again. If October is sweet then poor November is bitter as it seems by that point, people hate leaves as they only delay trains, find coats too  bulky and are fed up of nights in on the couch. Poor November. December is saved because of old Christmas and poor January may as well not turn up at all. People are funny..!

This month I’m giving myself a bit of a kick in the bum and trying to push forward with things – more action instead of thinking, I’m saying but never doing. I am taking time out for myself and baking for fun rather than to show off on this blog! The main struggle I have with keeping a journal of what I bake is the thought of not being perfect. Often I bake things that taste amazing (or at least that’s what he tells me so I calm down) but don’t look the part and so I don’t share them. Awful, I know and the realisation that self criticism is holding me back is eye opening. A life lesson not just for Where Is My Teaspoon but life in general I think.

Anyway, with all of this in mind, I sprung into action and finally tackled something that has long been on my list: Croissants. Cresent moon beauties! Although I know they are not perfect, I do think they look pretty good, don’t you? I made them the last two weekends in a row and think practice is definitely the key, as is good quality butter. I, of course, have been using good Irish butter but many baking books suggest a high quality French butter for a true flavour so I’ll give that a go next time. We have been loving these on Sunday mornings covered with my favourite Foxford Jam and milky coffees – sheer perfection!


I’m not going to share a recipe as I followed Paul Hollywood’s (found in ‘How To Bake’) down to the last letter but would definitely recommend you try it – you can even find it online. I am so happy I took time out to learn this new skill this month and whether you tackle croissants or something else on your list, I hope you enjoy ticking it off too!

Don’t forget to check in on Facebook and Instagram (where you can see my second attempt)  – I’m always looking for new people to follow too!

Happy October! X

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