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Cookbooks, as you might know from following me on Instagram and Facebook are my favourite treat and I often make little lists on my phone of the next one I want to add to my collection. Some cookbooks I will use over and over again, while others I may never use for recipes. A good cookbook for me isn’t one that always gets used, but sometimes is one that is thought provoking, inspiring and good company! Here are a few on my wish list lately:

The Homemade Wedding Cake – Natasha Collins:


This book is a dream come true! So pretty, so creative and so practical for those who think they could make their own wedding cake (and possibly do a better job than buying one no doubt!) This is top on my list as it has such sweet ideas that could really take a wedding cake to the next level, but has cakes which are manageable for a home baker, something which is important to me! I’m afraid after reading a bit of this book, I have already picked my wedding cake despite having no one asking to marry me. Small technicalities.

A year of good eating – Nigel Slater


This is a book I have added to my collection later but I still wanted to share it with you. Nigel Slater is a bit of a funny one as although he has had a massive career in the UK, he rarely gets a mention over here in Ireland it seems. This book is not one for a cookbook follower, but rather a book for someone who loves food and descriptive writing. I often read a couple of Nigel’s diary entires before bed to relax me and give me some inspiration for the weekly dinners. I love his stlye of writing and the way he thinks about food, for example referring to mash potato as an old friend he doesn’t see much anymore.


Breakfast morning, noon & night – Fern Green


I spotted this beauty in Avoca a few weeks ago and think it would sit nicely on my shelves at home! I like the idea of having a cookbook specifically for a certain meal theme. I had a quick look through in the shop and loved the photography and the variety of recipes offered. Even if you never made one of her recipes, who can deny the sheer beauty of a photo of melted butter and thick cut bread – no one! I’ll try to forgive her though, as she, like many others has a recipe for Avocado on Toast. Can we please move on. All together now..

Season’s Eatings – Gizzi Erskine


Firstly, let me admit that I had never heard of Gizzi before I followed her in Instagram earlier this week. As I have read she is in tight with Jamie Oliver, I’m such she won’t be too upset to hear I’m new to the party. However, from her Instagram and a few shots of the book I have seen, this looks like a good read and one I definitely want to get my hands on. I guess, quite like the breakfast book above, I like the idea of having a special book for different occasions. I think the paper is shiny which doesn’t thrill me but love the retro look so am definitely going to give it a go.

Do you have any cookbook recommendations you could share with me? I’m always on the hunt for more so appreciate any hints or finds!

All photos for this post were found on Amazon where every book can be purchased.

Happy reading,



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