Rustling around

Another weekend nearly over – can you believe it?! And, another weekend without baking I’m afraid to say! Time is just running away from us since we moved home. In Cambridge we had so much free time at home because our social life was quiet and now it’s completely flipped! Not a bad complaint to have I know 🙂 We are so lucky to be back with our friends and family, honestly so thankful everything seems to have fallen into place now. This month is all about Back To Basics though, and what could beat a great weekend with friends?


Friday was Culture Night so we headed straight into Dublin after work to you know, get cultured. Sadly we failed due to long queues and a deadline to meet our friend at a pub. I did get a hazlenut ice-cream cone and see a gang of youths start on random people in St Stephen’s Green so I suppose you could say that was enough culture for one evening. We now live along the Luas line though so it’s so easy to nip in and meet people for a drink or some dinner after work. There was a bus strike on though so it was jammed and I ended up accidentally slapping a man in his belly after falling over. Very embarrassing.

On Saturday, we just needed a day of rest and so stayed in bed until 1pm! I doubt I have stayed in bed that long in about 3 years..?! We watched Hear No Evil, See No Evil with Gene Wilder, ate burgers and watched about 6 episodes of Cheers (one of our favourites!) I just loved having a day at home and felt so rested after it. Think we all need to take some time out from running about and just rustle around the house instead.

Yesterday evening we met some friends in Market Bar for tapas but I have to admit, having been twice now, I just don’t think tapas is for me. I always end up feeling a bit sickly after it – think it’s the mix of different foods rather than the food itself. I love the venue for a drink though or maybe one dish but definitely can’t keep mixing anymore. Is indigestion a sign of getting old?

Today was filled half with work, half with watching the Mayo match – did you guys watch it? I can’t believe it came down to one point in the end, fingers crossed for the replay. I found the whole thing vey stressful to watch – don’t know how people do it?! C’mon Mayo, you can do it!

This week is going to be a busy one work-wise as I am heading to The National Ploughing Championships! If some of my English friends are reading this, trust me it’s a good day out! Sadly I do need to do some work at it but hopefully will get a chance to walk around and take some snaps so you can see what it’s like. I had to run to Penney’s today to buy wellingtons as I left my favourite Joule’s ones in England..might be a sign to apply for Glastonbury tickets again this year 🙂 Let’s just hope and pray it doesn’t lash rain all week in Co. Offaly so instead of looking business casual, I’ll look like a sad mess.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend! Here’s to a good week,

Sinead xx

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