No one steps on my boots.

Pinch Punch first of the month! It is September and that means it’s time for socks and boots and I couldn’t be happier. Dressing in the Summer is no talent of mine let me tell you. September is a another busy month for me as there’s a good bit happening. I’m going to try and calm things done a little bit though this month as I’ve been racing around the place so much lately, I need a break.


The Summer has been a hectic time and so Where Is My Teaspoon hasn’t gotten a lot of love! I know, awful. That’s going to change for September though and I’ve decided the theme for the month here will be Back to Basics. The recipes I’ll be sharing will be very simple – think apple tart, queen cakes and flapjacks – but these recipes will be using great quality products (hello irish butter) and taste amazing. I’ve picked this as a theme for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m hoping that I’ll actually have time to make some stuff. Secondly, I miss simplicity in baking and speediness of older style recipes, don’t ever forget before the calorific cupcake came the sweet, simple bun. Oh and finally, I want to show that simple pleasures are sometimes the best and hardest to beat. I must admit though, Courgette Cake is something on my list and I’m not quite sure if that’s basic or not. Suppose it depends on how you feel about courgettes.

I’m also going to try and share some bits and pieces from my weekends. This weekend should be a really good one as we are going to see Riverdance! I’m actually so excited. When we were living in England and homesick we used to watch Riverdance videos on YouTube to cheer ourselves up and listen to the soundtrack when cleaning the house. Wonder what our neighbours thought of us…I have some cafes on my hit list as well so will hopefully share some good finds throughout the month. I’m hopefully going to try to eat a bit healthier too this month (thus my veg pic) as the motivation to go to the gym has been in the ditch lately. I feel awful though as I was in such a routine in England and now I’m just so tired, it feels a lot more of an effort. A new month should bring a new start though so lets just take it a day at a time and see how we get on.  🙂

Sinéad xxx

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