Rest that head.

Oh today was a long day. A nothing day really. Work just went really slow and I’ve got a bit of a cold which is bringing me down. Funny how a tiny cold can take it out of you isn’t it? I took some cold tablets before going into work today and it was the worst idea I’ve had in ages. They made me so drowsy, could barely keep my eyes open for the morning.

My new role is very different to my last one in some ways and very similar in others. I’d say I use a lot of the same skills day to day but I have moved from a small business to a big one which takes a little adjustment! It’s crazy to see all the different levels of approval and the journey a project needs to go through internally in a bigger business, and takes patience to find the right people and get things moved through the funnel. I’m happy tomorrow is hump day though and a week closer to the Great British Bake Off too!

I’ve started to do a little work on Where Is My Teaspoon this evening, just to get it into some sort of shape for the Autumn and have gone with a different theme – what do you think? I’m really pleased I have some time to devote to it again, it’s just nice to have something creative to do in the evenings and helps me switch off from work. My phone, like everyone elses, buzzes non stop when it connects to wifi and the same thing happened this evening when I rolled home. Anyway,  one of the buzzes was an email saying that Where Is My Teaspoon had made it through to the Short List for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards. Someone has looked at my blog and liked it!


I’ve had a little look there on the site and there are a lot of blogs in the running for these awards so I’m thrilled to see Where Is My Teaspoon is there too! Voting opens tomorrow so if you have a spare sec and like reading my stuff, please do vote! You never know 🙂 A very good friend is also down to the Short List for his Travel Blog ‘Bottle Cap Travels’ so be sure to give that a look too if you’re looking for something new to read and obviously a vote as well.

All I want to do now is crawl into bed but need to sort out a few more bits first. Work/life balance is some chore! Every like washing towels is becoming a bit of a nightmare for me, there is constantly a wash to put on and no time to hang it up. The house is so messy from laziness so need to get it back into some order now or else the rest of the week will be a disaster! Wish me luck 🙂

Sinéad x


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