That Dial Up Tone

Hello Wifi! Hello new apartment! Hello new home!

The new big 3 for us. The old big 3 used to be meat,cheese and spice but for today I am most thankful for the 3 above. What a relief! We are finally settled into our new apartment and both into our new jobs in Dublin. Can you believe that? I am thrilled to even write that down and see that an idea we had in like March has worked out, even if it did take 6 months.


Our new apartment is cosy and in a great spot! I might actually share some pics in the upcoming months so you can see what you get for your rent in Ireland (actually, don’t get me started on renting in Ireland!). We are on a Luas line (that’s a tram for all my English friends reading) which brings us into the centre of Dublin in 15 minutes and are really close to a lot of shops and cafes where we are anyway so love the location. We actually only got our internet set up yesterday – by some struck of luck an engineer had to work overtime on a Sunday – and have all our bits and pieces unpacked and into new spaces which is good. Plus, we have already had a good few visitors which I love as that’s the whole point of moving back, to be with our family and friends. And, what better to welcome them in with than homemade cake and biscuits? Am I right?!

As we’re already at the 15 of August, I don’t think there’s much of a point in designating a theme for the month. Poor Where Is My Teaspoon has had to take a major backseat over the last few months while I settle into my new job (very different) and run around on a mad one looking for a place to live. Thankfully, I have calmed down a bit now and can get baking and writing again, hurrah! As you might have noticed though, Where Is My Teaspoon is looking a bit different already and I hope that this will just be the start of some developments in the look and feel of the site. I’m going to work away on getting some new ideas to come to life over the next few weeks and then we can kick off with a new theme in September. I have already eaten out like a million times since I got back anyway so definitely have some great spots to share with ye as well as the odd recipe of 2! I’ll need to fill you in on some more information about my new role and how I’m finding the move from a small business to a massive one! Plus, I’m keen to share more about living back in Ireland and around Dublin.

I just wanted to write something tonight though and am so excited for everything coming our way. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see up on Where Is My Teaspoon over the next few weeks or anything about Dublin or life in Ireland in general?

Chat soon,


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