Pudding Row, Easkey.

You know what I love? I absolutely love finding something so perfect in such a rural place because it makes me feel that things can be created outside cities and not everything needs to be on the busiest street with the most expensive prices to work. I have this thing about small cottages by the sea (doesn’t everyone) and just really feel a pull towards places like this so when I see people have opened up their restaurants in rural locations it gives me so much hope that one day I could do it too!

Last weekend I went home and was like ah come on we’ll get out and about for the morning – just get so sick of sitting in an office all day every day! We took a spin to Easkey especially to get a walk in by the water and to visit Pudding Row. I have followed Pudding Row for a little while on Instagram purely because I thought everything looked so pretty and crisp in their photographs but had never been or even driven past it. My mum and I decided we would call in for a bit of a breakfast snack before our walk and I am so happy we did!

The building is kind of odd when you go in. It really reminds me of like an old town hall or school but you head upstairs to the cafe and it is so open and bright. I guess everyone has their own ideas about how cafes should look and feel but for me, there are really simple things a place needs to have to tick boxes for me. A view of something interesting. A cake counter. Fresh wild flowers. Bright walls.Good plates and cups. Puddings Row has all of these things.

I would definitely go back – actually can’t wait to get back! Next time I think I will have to try a bagel though. If you follow them on Instagram you’ll soon see that these take pride of place on their menu. I noticed Donal Skeehan regramed one of their posts too so definitely a cafe that will go strength to strength and somewhere I will bring all of my friends to going forward. I just hope that something as lovely as this will be in my future too..

Our ocean walk was so lovely too, a good strong breeze to get the cobwebs out of my hair and the stress out of my week.


Let me know if you get a chance to visit Puddings Row too or if you know any other gems around the place!



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