Work Hard. Work Harder.

Work work work work work work.  Happy July everyone! I have finally found a free minute to update Where Is My Teaspoon – hurrah! As I mentioned last month, I have moved back to Ireland and just started a new job in Dublin – can you believe it?! I have only been back one week and already got the first few days of work over me so it has been a whirlwind.
On Friday I got my new work laptop and phone so hopefully tomorrow can start introducing myself to various people and get stuck in a little bit more. It’s always awkward starting a new job as you feel like you’re in the way. People have to take time out of their day to explain things to you and show you the ropes don’t they? Obviously people are only too happy to help but if you’re the person taking it all in, it can be quite daunting! At least now I know how to find a desk and a few peoples’ names so am hoping for a great week to come.

I think the theme this month for the blog will have to be Work as it’s basically consuming all of my time, energy and thoughts. In terms of baking, I am not sure how much I will manage to do 😦 My best friend is so kind and generous and has helped me with somewhere to stay until I get sorted so I haven’t got my own house or kitchen yet! I might try and bake this week or at least at the weekend though but think it’s best not to have a particular list of things this month ( as last month’s is still unfinished!) Also, all of my kitchen stuff is in cardboard boxes in another county so might be a little more challenging than usual to whip something up. If I manage to get out to any cafes/restaurants though I’ll update Where Is My Teaspoon until things settle. I have already managed a visit to Cafe Rua (see pic!) though, just couldn’t resist it while in Mayo at the end of June. I even got the stewed apple on my brown scone – heaven!

It is so strange to be back living in Ireland now and just being able to see more of my friends and family. Hopefully once things settle down I’ll be able to make the most of my evenings and weekends. At the minute, I’m trying to find a house for us somewhere in South Dublin which is proving tricky. I just need to be that lucky one who finds the perfect place 🙂 It could happen, right? We might have to take this month as a mini Summer holiday for Where Is My Teaspoon. It won’t be updated as frequently but some changes are coming and it’ll be back in no time!

Sinéad xx

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