No one carried my books

Do you remember in every American Teen show people used to carry girls’ books to impress them. Huh, not in my school that is for sure. 
Today I am starting a new section on Where Is My Teaspoon, a little Cookbook Club! While I absolutely love to bake, I’m also a keen home cook so think it would be fun to have a mix of books up here. I’m hoping to talk about one book a month to start off but would absolutely love if you gave me some recommendations to some good ones you have got recently or ones you have used in your house forever? Be sure to link me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Buying myself a new cookbook every once in a while is one my favourite things whether I ever actually cook from them or not, haha! From my Instagram posts, you’ll know that I often take them up to bed with me.  I’ll be officially starting this section off later in the week with a look at the first Happy Pear book. They have just released their second book but think it’s good to start off with number 1 and see how we go 🙂

Be sure to check back later in the week to read my first Book Club post!

Happy Reading!


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