June Bug.

Morning everyone! I’m actually writing this at 4am as I can’t seem to sleep at all – been up since 2! So far I have managed to do a solid hour of tossing and turning, cleaned the hob, get a work out in and make some tea. Who says I’m not productive in the early mornings?
Can you believe it’s now JUNE! Like actually, we are halfway through the year and I still have a huge list of things to check off my 2016 list. To be honest with you, a lot of them are now seeming very unlikely but good to have them on the list, just in case!
June is going to be a really big month for me and as time goes on you’ll see what I mean by that and what’s going to change but for now, I’m just really excited for what’s to come and hope that everything works out. Once things settle down – probably in July – I’ll be able to tell you more but if you keep an eye on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you might get some hints along the way!
For Where Is My Teaspoon though, June will be a good month, full with life thoughts, recipes and some good restaurants thrown in. I’m also going home at the end of the month so will hopefully get back to a few of my favourite spots for some great breakfasts and coffees. I really hope I manage to get some good weather, fingers crossed.

Halfway through the year I like to do a turnaround of my kitchen presses and make sure I’m using up anything that could be getting near it’s use by date. I absolutely hate throwing out food so do try to be vigilant and just remember what I have at home. I’ve already started this year using some leftover Christmas Treacle to make these delicious scones. With that in mind, June will see a return of some winter flavours, including a jar on Mince Meat. I will be sharing a great, summer fruit cake recipe, another tart, gingerbread and a sticky toffee pudding. I know these bakes may seem very heavy for a summery month but they always go down well and if you’re in Ireland, it might feel like winter yet.

Finally, June is the month in which I will be starting the Where Is My Teaspoon Cookbook Club! If you love cookbooks as much as I do then be sure to check back to see what the first book is going to be 🙂

Let me know if there’s anything you would like to see me talk about up on Where Is My Teaspoon or if you’re enjoying my posts 🙂 I’d love to read some of your blogs as well so leave a link in the comments.
Happy June!


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