Old Bicycle Shop, Regent St, Cambridge

A new cafe/bar has opened in Cambridge on Regent St – hurrah! I’m actually really excited about this one as it has saved an old building from going empty and has a cute little background story. From what I understand, this building had been a bicycle shop (which in Cambridge isn’t that surprising) for over 100 years and once sold a bike to Charles Darwin! Mental.

We popped in at the weekend for a sun break and just to grab a coffee but ended up getting a snack too. Our waiter was really nice and sat us down quickly and talked us through the menu. I saw sweet potato pancakes and was sold, just had to try them.They were SO GOOD. Like, amazing. I enjoyed every bite so much so that I’m going to attempt to make them this weekend myself and share them on Where Is My Teaspoon. I’m broke this month anyway so staying home and making breakfast is probably a good idea all round!

We both really liked the atmosphere, food and the coffee so would definitely go back. I grabbed some quick pictures on my phone so you can see what the place looks nice. There is a small little garden terrace out the back which is cute and smoke free – the dream. You can also rent rooms upstairs for private partys. The only downfall for me was the fact that they serve their coffee in glasses. No matter where I go or how much I love a place, the sight of a hot cup of coffee in a glass just makes me sigh. Sorry not sorry. It just makes no sense. There is nothing wrong with a good, old fashioned cup.

Definitely give this place a go for brunch if you’re around Regent St any time soon. I particularly love the location as sometimes it’s nice not to have to go all the way into the main town and it’s so close to where I usually park. Win win! The bathrooms were also a dream – the lights!

Let me know if you try this one out. If you want to keep up with other cafes I visit, just follow on Instagram 🙂

Sinéad xx

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