So I mentioned earlier in the month that we had taken a trip to Cornwall for my boyfriend’s birthday weekend and I wanted to share some photos so you could see what it is like. Unfortunately it rained a lot while we were there..we are honestly just so unlucky when it comes to things like this as the day we left it was like 25 degrees there.
Cornwall is a good distance from Cambridge so I was really glad we decided to stay for two nights. The journey took us six hours each way in Tabitha with a couple of breaks. It is nice to have a proper road trip once and a while though and to see somewhere new. 

I tried to pack in as many typical Cornish things as possible so we had Cornish Cream Tea, Cornish ice-cream, Cornish all in all it was a pretty indulgent weekend. We stayed in a place called Newquay for two nights but also got time to take a further road trip to St Ives. One of my favourite work friends is a lady called Debbie and she told me I HAD to go to St Ives as that makes a trip to Cornwall..she conveniently left out the bit about all the steep hills and narrow roads! Now, I wouldn’t say I’m an awful driver or anything but I’m definitely not the best and am very shy when it comes to using my hand break so it was a bit of a nightmare. I just couldn’t stop driving in case I would need to do a hill start and would just roll all the way back to Cambridge. The town of St Ives is really pretty though so I would definitely recommend going to see it..just maybe get someone else to drive.

The absolute highlight for me though was our trip to The Fish House down by Fistral Beach. All I can say is WOW! The fish was absolutely amazing there and I have to say, so was the service.

I’m on of these people who always tells the restaurant if it’s someone’s birthday or a celebration, I know I’m really embarrassing but I just think it’s nice and makes the evening more special. Anyway, I had emailed this restaurant about a week before to let them know we would be coming for a little birthday party for 2. Honestly, I can’t thank the staff enough. They put little happy birthday confetti on our table, the waitress whispered happy birthday to him when we sat down and his dessert had a little candle. Restaurants who care about what brings their customers through the door are far above the rest in my opinion. If you are in Newquay, you definitely should book a table here and experience great food and service in a beautiful setting.

It already seems like months since we were there but I’m just so happy to have been able to go while I live in England. It really is beautiful and I’ve said it before but nothing beats that ocean air.

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Sinéad xxx

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