Wind in my hair

May and tomorrow is Friday. I actually just can’t keep up with things at the minute and so am behind with my monthly what to expect post. The last week has just been absolutely crazy for me, all go! Thankfully tonight, I finally feel like things might be slowly falling into place so feeling a little bit happier but am so ready for a sleep.


April was a pretty busy month on Where Is My Teaspoon? I shared a good few posts around the theme of picnics. If you missed them, go back and check them out here and here for some inspiration. I also shared some good recipes but my favourite had to be this cake – definitely a show stopper! Hope you enjoyed the month and the mix of posts.
For May though, I will be filling you all in on our big trip to Cornwall (ate in an amazing place called The Fish House in Newquay) where we spent the long weekend at the beginning of the month (pic above), the event that is cream tea in England, pretty pie decorations and a special bake for World Baking Day (yes that really is a thing).
The weather has completely changed here again. Last week, I genuinely had chapped lips from the cold and now it’s like 25 degrees and if you know me at all you’ll know I can’t cope with hot weather. I never feel I look good in summer clothes, actually have a real thing about it, especially in work so may need to do a bit of shopping at some point or have a route through the wardrobe. I’m hoping we’ll get out with our picnic basket a few times throughout the month though so will be sure to share some pics of the different locations in and around Cambridge so you can see. I know I also mentioned that I would explain more about Punting so it’s also on the list for May.
A new cafe called the Old Bicycle Shop has opened in Cambridge during the week so I’ll hopefully get a chance to call in and be able to show ye what it’s like too.
All in all it’s shaping up to be a very busy month. I still have a bit of coursework to push through for my diploma though so think this weekend will be chilled and maybe I’ll get to have a long sleep..maybe.

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