Leave that kettle on.

Hello everyone! I got back to Cambridge last night and am headed straight back into work this morning so today will be a bit of a catch up day with emails and my death of an excel spreadsheet. It’s always nice to have a four day week though. This will definitely be a day for multiple cups of tea and a great big lunch to get me through. I had a crap sleep but am hoping if I look positively on the day, it might look positively on me.

As you might have seen, I’ve been at home in Ireland for the weekend which was so nice. It’s just really nice to take a step back and relax after the busiest of the last few months. We didn’t get up to too much this time as I just wanted to veg in my cosy bed and the weather was so cold. You wouldn’t believe the difference between Cambridge and the West of Ireland. At home there was so much hail and sleet – remind me of this when I move home, I’ll definitely need a better jacket.

We did get to go to two of my favourite places in Mayo though; Foxford Wollen Mills and Cafe Rúa so I’ll definitely be sharing info on those two. We also made it to the beach – my favourite- and got to try a much talked about cafe Shells at Standhill in Sligo so I’ll be sharing some photos around that during the week.

I also got to catch up with my best friend and hear all her news. Honestly, you miss so much when you live apart and it’s always the little things. It’s so easy to fall behind on news or stories so I’m always thankful to get some time together.

All in all it was such a lovely visit but now I need to get stuck back into work and push through my final assignment for my Diploma and focus on some other projects/goals I’m working on. With that in mind, I better get to work and get that kettle on!

Sinéad xx

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