Do you even lift?

Happy Sunday everyone. Today is a really busy one for me as I’m trying to get as many things as possible shoved into this one day. Even Sunday’s meal preparation for the week ahead takes me ages – can you say Falafel Monday 🙂 – but I wanted to make sure I got to post something different. You also get to see my super messy shelf in my living room in the photos as I had to take a quick snap before I drank this recipe away.
When I went through what you can expect to see on Where Is My Teaspoon in April, I mentioned my recipe for Protein Shakes. I know you’re thinking, random as this is a baking blog, but I try and keep as healthy as I can and the gym is a big part of that. While I do LOVE cakes and baking, you just can’t sit at home and chow down all of the time. Life has to be a balance and the majority of the time, I give most or all of my bakes away as I really love to feed other people up (sorry, you all hate me I know) and I love seeing people smile at something I’ve managed to make for them. I wanted to share a bit about fitness as it’s important to me and because I read on yesterday that Irish women are set to be the 2nd most obese in Europe – absolute madness!  I’m definitely not a super fit kale lover or anything but we should all at least try to be healthy.
 If you go to the gym a bit too, you’ll have probably read up information as to why you should have a protein shake afterwards. Any day I lift weights I come home and have a shake straight away.
While protein should help you repair your muscles after working out, a lot of protein powders are absolutely full of sugar/sweeteners and really don’t need to be. We buy unflavoured protein here for our house which, admittedly, tastes like muck.  I add 3 really simple things to my protein to make it taste better. Trust me, once you get used to having it without all the artificial sweeteners you won’t want to go back. Don’t ruin hard work at the gym with crappy protein straight after.

Right, you need:
1 scoop unflavoured protein powder
1 tsp organic cacao powder (- it’s actually good for you!)
1 tsp smooth almond butter
250ml semi skimmed milk
This is really simple – I’m sure you can guess.
Add the milk to a blender and follow with the rest of the ingredients. Mix until combined and smooth. Ta-da! All ready, get it into you within 30 minutes of your workout and feel the benefits, without any crap.
If you are really struggling with the taste and the lack of sugar, why not try adding a small teaspoon of honey or half a banana and weaning yourself off bit by bit?
If you have any good gym tips or even protein recipes for me please share – i’d love to see them!
Until next time, have a happy Sunday 
Sinéad x

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