I’d have to say April 25th

I actually can’t believe it is April already. Time is really picking up which I guess is both a good and a bad thing but for me it means my exam  day is nearly here (actually on Tuesday) and that I have another assignment to get through and then I’m done with my CIM course. Now that the clocks have leaped forward, Cambridge is a lot nicer as we can make use of the river, county  parks and just get out more instead of sitting in every night.
If you haven’t been to Cambridge before, you mightn’t know that it is really big on cycling. I have never seen anything like it – literally everyone is cycling around, one day I even saw a woman cycling in a ball gown. I used to have to cycle in and out to work and absolutely hated it. I genuinely couldn’t understand why everyone looked so happy on their bikes in the middle of winter in the dark but now i have little Tabitha, I just use my bike for lazy days into town or just to pop down to one of the villages for a trip out – much more enjoyable! One of our bikes has a flat tyre so we haven’t been out together on them in a while but maybe I’ll get a chance to get it fixed this weekend and we can head away together.
Something else Cambridge is really big on is the river Cam. Like, honestly they love that river. Everyone is either out on Punts (will explain another time but basically these are boats), fishing or having picnics down on the bank. It’s gas like because although basically every big down/city in Ireland is built on a river, we just don’t use it the way they do here. Maybe it ‘s to do with how shallow it is in the town here but you’re almost always guaranteed to see someone on it. I was out last Saturday to get my hair cut (fringe is back thank god) and took the snap above on my phone. Genuinely always wonder who writes this – if anyone knows, please tell me! I keep thinking up different ideas of who it could be and whether they have to buy the chalk specially. 
March was a busy one and so I didn’t managed to post about everything I had planned. I do have a great list for April though. You can expect to see lighter, fruitier bakes this month to reflect our move into Spring/Summer. I will be posting on how to make Madeleines, Blueberry Cheesecake, Fruit Pie and some savoury muffins to get you thinking about picnic season. I’ll also be posting a really quick recipe for my favourite no-added sugar protein shake which is just really simple and a lot better for you than a lot of other ones online – definitely worth a go.
I’m actually going home to Ireland on Friday (even though I just got back the other day) so will try and do a post on few of my favourite local cafes in Mayo. Me and my mam have a few favourites we always visit together. I’ll at least try to do Cafe Rúa and Foxford Wollen Mills so you can see inside them and what they have to offer.

I’m also finally going to replace my camera and so won’t need to rely on my phone so much – hopefully this will improve the quality of my posts too.

Until later in the week then, bake on , bake strong haha.

Sinéad x

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