Peacock’s Tearoom | Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Do you ever watch Grey’s Anatomy? In it, the protagonist Meredith talks a lot about people who are bright and shiny and people who are dark and twisty. Meredith is definitely dark and twisty. Not to spoil the show for you but it’s pretty much an emotional journey.

People always say to me oh Sinead think of the positives to whatever situation I’m in and I wish I took the time or even copped on a little bit more and did think about all the positive things in life. This is something I’ve been trying to do for a while now.. Like anything it’s just a habit.

Things are just so much easier if you do something you enjoy. A lot of people in their 20s definitely do not have their dream jobs and to be honest we should be so grateful we even have jobs but it’s still so important to have a passion for something whether it be baking, Xbox, football, fashion…whatever. This is the reason I created Where Is My Teaspoon. I just wanted to create something that was mine and for me to grow and develop over time.

My favoruite place in and around Cambridge is the town of Ely. I love going here instead of into Cambridge itself as its only a short drive away and is much quieter. It’s got some really nice book stores, a lovely chocolate shop and a surprising amount of fox products which is where all my wages go. Another things it is rich in is tearooms!

When I first said I was going to Ely at work, the guy I sit beside recommended Peacocks Tearoom so we went. Visiting a Tearoom or even cafe like this makes me a bright and shiny person. Its just everything I imagine for my future and inspires me to work hard. I especially love the way it is made up of different rooms and that it has an old dresser – someone tell me why these ever went out of style? Definitely gonna need one of these in my forever home.

If you’re ever around the area, definitely order a scone with blackberry jam -especially if you’re there pre noon. Also a good spot for soup and a sandwich though please don’t order them together..they don’t sit together on the  menu and although this is so common at home, it caused a little confusion here! Haha!

I definitely plan on getting back to Peacocks before Easter is over and try and get some better photos, just took these really quickly that day – what a pretty setting for a Hot Cross Bun. Until then though, I better get showered and get to work.

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