I don’t wanna march to that tune

March is here. Spring has sprung and another month means another list of things to bake! The weather in Cambridge is still chilly enough but it rarely rains here so we’ve been able to get out and about at weekends which is really nice. Low sunshine is a pain to drive in but really pleasant to wander around in.

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March is a pretty tame month this year for me. I have so much course work and study to get through before my exam at the beginning of April so really need to get my head down and get through it..I’ll start tomorrow.

Living in England means March is a pretty boring month as they don’t get a bank holiday for St Patrick’s Day. Boo hiss. Luckily, Easter is just around the corner so at least there’s something to look forward to in the form of a chocolate egg. My mum came to visit last weekend and bought me an Irish Easter Egg so it’s sitting in the press underneath the stairs waiting for me to eat it. She said I could choose any egg I wanted so I ended up getting the only Irish one I could find (surprise, surprise). It’s a Lir one and looks really nice so will definitely let you know how it tastes..if Easter Sunday ever gets here! I don’t remember ever tasting their chocolate before but am sure it will be nice.

February was a big month with my 24th birthdayNational Carrot Cake DayNational Breakfast Week and Pancake Tuesday all squeezed into four weeks. Hopefully you enjoyed reading some of these recipes and even giving a few a go! For March, Easter is an obvious theme and one I’ll embrace.

On Where Is My Teaspoon this month, I will be posting recipes for Fig Rolls (not quite the same as the famous packaged biscuits but still a great flavour), Hot Cross Buns, and hopefully Madeleines. Madeleines do require a special tin but I picked mine up in TK Maxx for £4 so am pretty confident you’ll be able to find one to give them a go.

I’ll also be talking about meeting Mary Berry at the beginning of the month, how to roast nuts to bring out the flavour in your bakes and a couple of my favourite cafes and restaurants in and around Cambridge.

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