How’re ya February

Happy first day of Spring everyone! February is by far my favourite month of the year as it brings pancake day, my birthday and Valentine’s day all in one big week.

I thought it would be fun to outline some of the projects I want to achieve for the month in a post, almost as a check list as the days go by. It should also give me some motivation to post as sometimes I just make my way through my baking list without sharing anything.

This month I am BUN mad. I will be sharing my best tips for making Chelsea style buns and some flavour combination ideas for you to try. I think home made buns could be a nice gift for your honey..bun this Valentine’s Day (oh bun puns!). This will lead us into Hot Cross Buns in March, just in time for Easter.

I’ll also be sharing my go to Saturday morning pancake recipe and my favourite toppings to go with them. Everyone keeps raving about banana and egg pancakes with no flour – have you tried them? I might also give these a go.

As I mentioned it is my birthday this month – turning the big 24! Every year I make myself a birthday cake and this year is no different. I haven’t fully decided what flavour my cake will be this year (last year I had a Hummingbird Cake, year before was a Chocolate Malt..) but will definitely share the recipe once I make it.

I’m also really eager to share some other little bits but lets see how we go with these first..

Really happy to see Spring has arrived even though it seems it might only be Spring in Ireland as people in England keep second guessing my first of spring babble. Still, birthday month 🙂 Don’t forget to follow along on social media too, I’ll be sharing some quick videos and photos of my attempts to make the above.

Have a great week!

Sinéad x

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