Forever seems a long time ago

Arghh, it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything. I miss my blog 😦 but just am finding it really hard to balance work and free time at the moment. However, it is Friday (TGIF or what) and so am going to share some of the amazing kitchen products I have seen around lately.

1. Emma Bridgewater Tray:
I am obsessed with this tray and if I thought it was okay for me to go out and spend £30 – that’s POUNDS- on a tray then this would be the one. I can just imagine myself serving my friends hot milky drinks on it. Most definitely on the Christmas list this year. Find it here.

2. Camper Van Toaster:
As I work for a company which sells products in cookware and homeware, I have spend quite a bit of time looking around shops such as Lakeland and the likes here in the UK. We don’t really have them in Ireland but they’re basically just homestores with bits of everything in them. I was in one the other day and spotted this. How cute!!! I absolutely love it, and again, on the Christmas list (please don’t say it’s too early). You can find it on Amazon though here.
3. Toast Rack:
Odd though it may sound, but I really feel buying a toast rack means you’re going places in life. I always imagine myself tucking into breakfast with a good pot of tea, a warm, fresh scone and toast on my toast rack. Bowls of jam would obviously also be needed. I like the way a toast rack can make you feel like you’re on holiday too. Especially in winter. It’s the little things, isn’t it? See it here
4. Jam Pot:
Leading me swiftly on to this! I know what you’re thinking..these would all look pretty mad in the same kitchen but fear not, I can always have more than one. Find it at Dotcomgiftshop

5. Glass Decanter
Finally, if I had more money than sense. This (never in a million years)

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