Hey everyone! Right, I know its been an age since I’ve posted anything, but fear not I have not gone off cake. I have just been crazy busy, exams just had to take over but have finally ended. Its crazy to think my days of being a student might finally be over ( sad but good, definitely time for a change).
Also, I’m so thrilled to say that I’m going to be an intern this Summer so am packing up my stuff and moving to England. I am so excited and nervous but it does mean that Where Is My Teaspoon won’t be based in Cork anymore. Sad, but to celebrate this new experience I have made a list of things to do in Cork before I go and have been making my way through them.
Getting the perfect extra hit, extra weak hot chocolate is always on my list and I found the perfect one in the Bookshelf. And, look at the mug they gave me. I loved it.
I wanted to do things which are unique to Cork so obviously went to the Butter Museum. Now, if you’re not from Cork this may sound a bit random but it actually was really funny and definitely something out of the ordinary. The museum plays all these old KerryGold adverts on TV screens and on the radio which are hilarious to look back on. It only costs about €4 to go in and is something different.
I also rang the Shandon Bells but, don’t bother going this week as  bell number 8 is out of order. Does everyone remember that Mars advert with the monks and the bells? Well, you may as well forget it because the Shandon Bells are nothing like that advert and therefore not at all as I thought. They’re just ropes by a wall. Still though, its nice when you can recognise the songs they play. It only costs €5 and is meant to have a pretty view at the very top. I say meant, I didn’t climb all the way up because there was a warning about pigeons. No thank you!
Today, I crossed yet another thing off my list. I have been dying to do to Lafayette’s in the Imperial Hotel for months and today was the day. It is absolutely the most beautiful cafe I have even been in. I feel like I’m royalty in it. It reminds me of scenes from the Titanic or something and truly was the perfect spot for a rest with a coffee and a muffin. Check out their website here.

Tomorrow brings more things to cross off the list. I know this has nothing to do with baking (apart from the brief mention of the muffin) but thought it was worth a share. 

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