Cupid shot an arrow in my back

Earlier in the week, I posted a piece on Valentine’s Gift ideas for girls who love the kitchen – check it out here. Today, I’m going to share my ideas for what to get a man who loves his kitchen. I always think men are hard to buy for because they’re just so practical and usually, (or at least the men I know) don’t really buy in to cute, novelty things but rather only want something they will use or offers something to a room. I’ve put together this short list of ideas, all of which I would be confident in giving (I think). Here is my Top 5 Kitchen Valentine’s Gifts for Men.  

1. Funny Tea Towel: Valentine’s Day often offers heartache for many people, especially when it comes to the idea of buying gifts. Not everyone has loads of spare money, so I think something practical and small is just as nice as anything. A while ago, someone showed me this website ( and I was amazed at the different designs you could get. A tea towel is a really easy way to brighten up your kitchen, and some of these designs offer a real modern vibe making them perfect for a gift. Plus, a lot of the tea towels you normally see, are usually plain, striped or floral so a man’s kitchen might want something a bit different. Check out some other designs herehere and here.

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2. Crinkle Cutter Knife: If any of you watch Jamie Oliver (which I know you all do) then you’ll know he has a sudden obsession with a crinkle cutter. Basically this is a knife that cuts things funny. It puts ridges in the food, so for example if you were to chop a cucumber using this knife, the cucumber pieces would have ridges in them like some crisps do? They’re just a kitchen gadget that is different, cheap and will probably get a lot of use, especially if your man like to make salads or stir-fries. Amazon actually have a good few, check this one out here. The one in the photo is actually on sale for £6 at the moment, easy gift sorted.
3. Irish Chopping Board: Now, while all of us may not be flushed with cash, some of us may be! This Valentine’s Day could be extra special, you may have a new job and want to treat your partner or maybe you just think they’re really appreciate something special. If this is you, then maybe a unique chopping board would be just the thing. I know you might be thinking urgh, really a chopping board, but really for a any type of chef or cook, it is essential. Check out this website, (, they have some really nice stuff. You can get different shapes and woods and the lot. Have a look, you can even get a gift set or get one engraved. Might be a nice idea? And, if you think a chopping board is dull, what about a serving board? Be nice to see your Valentine’s meal served up in style. They range in price, take a look herehere and here.
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4. Knife Sharpener: I don’t like to generalise, but it honestly seems to me that all men like sharp knifes and get a bit excited about sharpening them. Can’t say I don’t love a sharp knife myself too which is why I think this could be a winner for nearly every household who has someone who loves the kitchen. This is the highest rated one on amazon at the moment and is on sale for about £15. It looks quite unusual too and has great reviews. Find it here.
5. Kitchen Art: If your person has already got all the kitchen gadgets he wants, why not just get him something funny to hang on the walls? This image has been all over facebook and twitter in the last while but nearly everyone likes bacon so who could refuse? There are so many different ones you could get, I’ll link you up : herehere and all up in yo face.
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